• Aldığı Ödül : Age category 12-15(İkinci, 2009)
  • Seviye : Kimden: 14 Kime: 16
  • Anahtar yetkinlikler : Kültürel farkındalık ve ifade

    Konular : Bilişim / BİT / Drama / Kültür Tarihi / Medya Eğitimi / Müfredatlar arası / Müzik / Sanat / Tarih / Yabancı Diller

This project focuses on the differences and similarities between the students and their parents when they were teenagers. Students will find out about the lives and experiences of their parents when they were their age covering subjects such as friendship, relationship with their own parents, music, films, the future... Students will interchange information on cultural, social and historic subjects as well as music, photographs, short films, PowerPoints, etc with their partners.