LED - Learning and Teaching Furniture Design in Europe

  • Aldığı Ödül : Age category 16-19(Kazanan, 2010)
  • Seviye : Kimden: 17 Kime: 20
  • Anahtar yetkinlikler : Dijital / Matematiksel / bilim / teknoloji ve mühendislik

    Konular : Avrupa Çalışmaları / Bilişim / BİT / Ekonomi / Tasarım ve Teknoloji

The East/West-European school partnership „Learning and Teaching Furniture Design in Europe“ represents a closely Cooperation between vocational schools for cabinetmakers (and similar wood working professions) in the domain “furniture design”. This domain has so far been underdeveloped in vocational training and doesn't include any intercultural references. Based on an ICT oriented virtual studio for learning and designing all participants will jointly develop a didactical/methodical concept, which leads to an intercultural education in furniture design for cabinetmakers. Within this self learning concept, subjects and skills, methods and media will be offered. It will be put and proved simultaneously in school-practice and leads to an actual piece of furniture, which jointly will be built in the participating schools.Thematic background for this pedagogical concept is a corporately documentation and comparison of characteristic design attributes in different European regions. The current status of the project and all results from development and evaluation will be available interregional at the studio for learning and designing. Overall, furniture design will get a communicating function as a “language of form”, which is able to connect cultures to each other. By respecting regional design oriented differences, this connecting bridge will lead to a European comprehension of design and cultures.