Learning with experiments.

  • Aldığı Ödül : Age category up to 6(İkinci, 2019)
  • Seviye : Kimden: 6 Kime: 8
  • Anahtar yetkinlikler : Matematiksel / bilim / teknoloji ve mühendislik

    Konular : Bilişim / BİT / Doğa Bilimleri / İlköğretim okulu konuları / Kimya / Müfredatlar arası / Okul öncesi konuları / Çevre Eğitimi
TwinSpace’i keşfedin

Our project; it was opened for children aged 6-8 years in science and nature studies to try new techniques and learn techniques applied in other countries. Our goal is not to make all children scientists or engineers. Our goal is to bring the child to basic thinking skills in the world we live in. The selected experiments were chosen from the subjects in which science is based and meet in daily life. It is aimed to develop the results of the experiments in which children apply scientific processes using simple graphs. The project was opened to create STEM fundamentals for our students.