The story of a 1€uro coin

  • Aldığı Ödül : Age category 7-11(Kazanan, 2019)
  • Seviye : Kimden: 10 Kime: 17
  • Anahtar yetkinlikler : Kültürel farkındalık ve ifade

    Konular : Ahlak / Dil ve Edebiyat / Kültür Tarihi / Tarih / Vatandaşlık / Yabancı Diller
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In this project, several schools from several European countries engage in different group activities for different proficiency and age levels. One sub-project is that each country will explain in detail what can be seen on the 1€uro coin of the respective country. They will also provide an alternative as to who or what they think ought to be on that 1 €uro coin. Students from other countries will be asked to comment and vote on the suggestions, thus learning something about the history and culture of all countries involved. Other steps include interviews and surveys (what can/will you buy with a 1 €uro coin). At the heart of the project lies the idea of creating the "story of a 1 €uro coin" in form of a screen play / script. Students will engage in collaborative creative writing and tell the stories that happen as a 1€uro coin travels through Europe. Together with the results from the other steps, which will be included in the brochure, this should then be the final result.