• Nivå : Från 4 till 18
  • Nyckelkompetenser : Främmande språk / Kulturella uttrycksformer  / Social och medborgerlig
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  • Mål

    Eleverna får tillfälle att söka, ordna, diskutera, producera, utbyta, jämföra och presentera information om sin egen och sina partners kultur.

  • Process

    Eleverna får:

    * Fundera på definitionen av kultur och reflektera över vad den innebär för dem
    * Utbyta relevant information om kultur med sina europeiska partner
    * Skapa presentationer av "Kulturbilder”
    * Reflektera över vad de lärt sig om det andra landet och skillnader och likheter mellan de två kulturerna
    * Skriva reflekterande uppsatser om vad de har lärt sig

  • Utvärdering


  • Uppföljning


Kommentarer (83)

  • our country is very rich in the field of culture there are lots of things that me and my student can do.

    Anonymous Anonymous 05.02.2010
  • Very easy to do and it can also be done in just 2 or 3 months with pupils aged 15 to 16 years old.

    Laurence Altibelli 16.06.2010
  • This is a very useful project especially for the students aged between 11-14.

    gülsu naiboğlu 24.02.2011
  • I want to be your partner as I thınk that there will come out wonderful pieces for the partners... Looking for your ımmediate reply to dlk.a@hotmail.com

    Ayşe AKIN YILDIRIM 22.12.2011
  • we want to take part in this projects and we can do many things in our partnership

    Anonymous Anonymous 04.10.2012
  • Hello! We are from Romania and I togheter with my students will be kind to become partener of you in this project. Our country is a very interesting one with a big cullture......Please contact me at following email: vlad.eugenia@yahoo.com, if you accept us as parteners! Best of all!!

    VLAD EUGENIA-IOANA 05.12.2013
  • interested about culture in our school, we are from Greece. contact us vikign9@gmail.com

    Vasiliki Dogani 02.12.2014
  • It is a really good project. I am an English teacher in Antalya in Turkey. I have students from 8 to 15. And I want my students to exchange their cultural knowledge with the students in other countries. So both their language will improve and they will find opportunity to know other cultures. This is the project that I searched . I want to be your partner please contact me. here is my e-mail address erguntugcehilal@gmail.com

    Tuğçe Hilal ERGÜN 09.12.2014
  • Hi! I'm from Italy and I am interested in this project! I teach in a 2nd Primary School. My mail is pmattioli@marymount.it

    Paola Mattioli 28.12.2014
  • Hello, My nane is Aleksandra I would like to cooperate with You in this project. I'm a teacher in primary school (6-14 years old students). I teache polisch language and my students are 10 - 11 years old. Reply to: olenkapos@interia.pl

    Małgorzata (Maggie) Tubilewicz 03.01.2015
  • I want to take part in this project with my students. Replay: to amicieli27@libero.it

    Maria Antonietta Micieli 07.01.2015
  • Hi my name is hilal from Turkey.I would like take a part in this project for sharings our cultural values. Pls contact us h_ince1982@hotmail.com

    Hilal İnce 28.01.2015
  • Interesting!

    Ljiljana Lež-Drnjević 02.02.2015
  • I'm from Poland. It seems interesting to start cooperation: not too long, quite easy to do. I'm ready to start...

    Marzena Wywrocka 25.03.2015
  • How can I join in? I teach in a secondary school in Serbia? Can you add me as your partner?

    Maja Jerkovic 27.03.2015
  • I'm interested in taking part in this project, is it still on? Please write me back on my email: martateofilak@wp.pl

    Marta Teofilak 30.09.2015
  • We really want to learn about other cultures and share our as well,students between 7-14 years old.Please contact us:mihaela.oltean78@yahoo.com

    Mihaela Luncean 10.10.2015
  • Hi! I am an English teacher at a high school in Barcelona, Spain, and I would like to join this project. My students are 15-16 years old. My email is lmingue2@xtec.cat. Thank you, Laura

    Laura Minguez 15.10.2015
  • Hello. Is this project still on? I teach spanish at a school in Bergen, Norway. mihaela.kvamme@bergen.kommune.no

    Mihaela Kvamme 16.10.2015
  • I'd be interested in linking with a French school on this project. If anyone teaches in a school with children from ages 4 to 10 in France and would be interested, please contact me s.hodges200@durhamlearning.net

    Sarah Hodges 23.10.2015
  • Hi, I'm a teacher from Poland who would like to join your project. My sts are 13-15 and they are willing to participate in your project. Let me know

    Joanna Majewska 30.10.2015
  • interesting. I want to be a part of this. Marilena Marinescu Romania

    marilena marinescu 02.11.2015
  • Hello, we would like to join this project. Warsaw, Poland

    Angelika Popyk 04.11.2015
  • I'm a teacher in Ireland working with students aged 10-12. I'd be very interested in linking up with another school on this project, especially a school in France or Spain (but not necessarily!). There are so many mistaken stereotypes that need to be laid to rest! Please contact me through the eTwinning platform if you would be interested.

    Lisa Byrne 04.11.2015
  • Sounds interesting and useful even for 15-17 -year-old students.

    Paolaeudoramaria Iorio 04.11.2015
  • Hi There! We're looking for partners to experience this kit!We're working with 11 years old sts (lower secondary school). we are from Grotte (Agrigento) in Sicily. Please contact us at: daniele.modica@istruzione.it

    Daniele Modica 12.11.2015
  • My town is very rich of history I'd like to know if someone wants to share my project

    Carmela Alberghina 19.11.2015
  • Hi there! I'm the coordinator of our Global Connections Club in İstanbul Turkey and me and my students would love to do some cultural exchange with students from other countries and get globally connected. My students are 13 years old. İf anybody is interested please contact canansofuoglu@acischools.k12.tr

    Canan Sofuoğlu 22.11.2015
  • Hello, I'm a teacher at a secondary School in Tromsø, Norway. This seems like an interesting Project and my students and me would very much like to join in.

    Anniken Dordy Hammer 26.11.2015
  • This looks like a nice and straightforward project to being with. Please contact me if you are interested in setting this up. We are a primary school in the West Midlands, England. I teach Spanish to children aged 7 - 11.

    Emma Caulfield 26.11.2015
  • Very interesting project! I would like to be involved in this project with my pupils!

    Giuseppina Guglielmucci 26.11.2015
  • Very interesting project! I would like to be involved in this project with my students!

    Iryna Trotsko 05.12.2015
  • Hello,we would love to take part:) Turkey,Izmir. Contact us please martynyukm@mail.ru

    marina martyniuk 19.12.2015
  • Caros amigos, Sou professora da Bulgaria. Estou a dar aulas da Quimika ou Fisica . Gosto-me o projecto i pur isso pressiso de partisipar.Posso utilizar a lingua Portuguesa, Russa ou bulgara, mas os meus alunos podem trabalhar, utilizando Englesa i Alemao. Estou a esperer a vossa resposta i decisao.O meu nome e Tsvetanka Dragomirova .

    Tsvetanka Dragomirova 27.12.2015
  • Hi! I am Maria João and I would like to join this project. I think this project is very interesting for students aged 10-11. mjoaospedrosul@gmail.com

    Maria João Ribeiro 06.01.2016
  • I like very much this project, I would like to join this project

    Vita Calia 09.01.2016
  • Our school would be very interested in joining this project. Please message me or e-mail me at gmckelveymckelvey@yahoo.ie

    Geraldine Mc Bride 13.01.2016
  • We are looking for English schools and partners for this interesting and amazing project. We are Italian and we are ready to share information about out history and art. Please contact me at linda-c@libero.it Linda Cancellieri

    Linda Cancellieri 14.01.2016
  • Hello from Constanta, Romania! My name is Anca and I'm a kindergarten teacher. Even though my pupils are very small (age 3-4), they can also represent our country successfully. Your project seems to be interesting and challenging. Looking forward to hear from you! My email: amza.anca@yahoo.com

    Anca Amza 24.01.2016
  • Hello! My name is Victory. I am from Ukraine. I am very interested in your project. We shall be glad to become a part of your project. My email: eurowayclub@meta.ua Best wishes Victory Lomaka

    Victory Lomaka 25.01.2016
  • Hello, we would like to find partners for this Project so please contact me via mail.! selma.gunes0@gmail.com

    Selma Gunes 31.01.2016
  • Hello, my name is Cristina and I am teacher of English. I live in the Azores, an archipelago in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. I would love to engage my 13 to 16 year old students in a project to get to know more about other islands in Europe. Please contact me at this email address: mccodorniz@yahoo.com

    Maria Cristina Codorniz 31.01.2016
  • At the moment, we want to join a new project. So at this term we want to be partner in eTwinning Project. My email: canto_nescu@yahoo.com Hello! I am a headteacher of my school, Arts Highschool "Balasa Doamna". I'm writing from Targoviste, Romania. There are 600 students and 70 teachers in my school. The students are studying music and arts, in special classes. The age group of our students are 6-19. My email: canto_nescu@yahoo.com

    Carmen Antonescu 02.02.2016
  • Hello, I'm interested in joyning this project. I am a teacher in kindergarten . I work with children between 3-5 years old. We are from Poland. I would like to join to your project, please contact me kadra.gpdomiechowice@o2.pl

    Magda Sztajnert 04.02.2016
  • Hi! I teach in a elementary school (6-11) and I would like to develop this project because it seems very nice to do.

    Stefania Mastrapasqua 07.02.2016
  • Hello! I like this project very much. It seems nowadays the most important thing is to get know other cultures! I hope we will join the kit successfully!

    Agnieszka Mańkowska 17.02.2016
  • It's a very good project. We are teachers (English and French) in a school near Naples, in Sud of Italy. Ours students are aged between 12-15. We would like to motivate ours students to learn English and French in a communicative way and improve in both language. Learning about Others European people and cuture. We want to be your partner please contact me . Here is my e-mail profegi@outlook.it

    Egidia Urga 22.02.2016
  • Hello! I lead the foreign languages board at my school. We have kids aged 7-14,so we'd like to join you in this wonderful project. Let me know if you agree.Maybe we develop our collaboration in many ways. mihaelamadalina@yahoo.com

  • I am an Italian teacher of English and work in the north of italy (Aosta valley, not far from the the French and Swiss border). I am interested in this project, even because Italy is such a rich and varied country. Please get in touch with me at: giovannarivezzi@gmail.com or g.rivezzi@mail.scuole.vda.it

    Giovanna Rivezzi 08.03.2016
  • Hello I am Immacolata Di Maro, I teach in the primary school and I would like to partecipate with my students. I have other collegues who would be interested in this project. Italy has a wonderful artistic Heritage. Please contact us to the following email: immadimaro@tiscali.it

    immacolata Di maro 11.03.2016
  • Very interesting!

    LUCIA LETIZIA 04.04.2016
  • I like the idea very much!! Can I join it?

    Marta Artetxe 06.05.2016
  • Very interesting.. How can I join It? Thank You.

    Fabiola Palmieri 15.06.2016
  • Molto interessante vorremmo partecipare anche noi, a settembre avrò una senda della scuola primaria. Come si possono cercare partner?

    Mariangela Massenti 28.06.2016
  • Molto interessante, insegno italiano e storia e mi piacerebbe partecipare con degli alunni di ll superiore, il power point deve essere scritto in lingua inglese o può essere scritto anche in lingua italiana. Cerco partner di lingua inglese,perchè non capisco altre lingue straniere .Non ho mai partecipato a progetti twinning, qualcuno mi può aiutare ? Grazie il mio indirizzo e mail è jessica672014@libero.it Hi ,l am an Italian teacher ,l teach ltalian language and history, l would like to join this project . My students are 16-17 years old . I would prefer partner of English language because l don't understand others foreign languages . my mail is: jessica672014@libero.it Thank you so much

    Jessica Pizzolo 09.07.2016
  • We would like to join this project. Our school is in Poland. As you know Poland is a country with a very rich tradition. We would be a very cooperative partner.

    Anna Tesarczyk 24.07.2016
  • Hi, I write from Italy and I`m an English teacher. I was looking for an international cultural project when I saw this one. My students are about 12 years old. It would be great to offer them the opportunity for joining a project like this. I would be so pleased to get in touch with somebody who can explain how to start. Thanks, Elisa.

    Elisa Ricci 27.07.2016
  • My french 15-year-old students don't know it yet but they would love to join such a project! Contact me at lnhochart@yahoo.fr if we can work together...

    Helene HOCHART 08.08.2016
  • Great idea! We'd like to take part in it! Ukraine, Chernivtsi City is ready to cooperate. (natbee.workmail@gmail.com)

    Natalia Bieliaieva 12.08.2016
  • Hi:) I'm a new etwinner from Poland( the country that is famous from its eventful history, beautiful landscapes and delicious food) I would like to start my adventure with this project so if you are wiiling to join me please give me a shout k.olszynska.ortyl@gmail.com

    Katarzyna Olszyńska-Ortyl 21.08.2016
  • salut, interessee de ce projet. adresse email ionelasimina@yahoo.fr

    simina plesa 04.09.2016
  • Interessante. Sono un'insegnante della scuola primaria e mi trovo ad operare nelle classi prime. Chiunque sia interessato a collaborare con me, sono disponibile. lindavita@hotmail.it

    Rosalia Vita 05.09.2016
  • Nous sommes intéressés par ce projet , nous vivons sur l'île de la Réunion. Notre pays est atypique car c'est le seul département européen de l'hémisphère sud: fabiensuzanne@hotmail.com

    Fabien SUZANNE 10.09.2016
  • Salut. j'enseigne la langue française dans un college du sud de l'Italie. Je suis intéréssée à ce project. J'ai écrit à Fabien Suzanne à son adresse de poste indiquée dans son message. luigilietta@inwind.it Consiglia Napolitano

    Consiglia Napolitano 15.09.2016
  • Hello! I'm from Poland and I'm interested in taking part in your project. My e-mail is magda.miszczyk@interia.pl

    Magdalena Miszczyk 18.09.2016
  • Can we join to your project. It is really interesting. Best wishes. Adriana Dobecka.

    Adriana Dobecka 14.10.2016
  • Is there still room for partners? Romania is waiting. my email is goicovicief@yahoo.com

    Fabiola Goicovici 23.10.2016
  • Hello, I`m interested in your Project. Can I join? Greetings Marta Melo

    Marta Melo 26.10.2016
  • Hello ı am interested in your project which sounds interesting can için join Hilaldevelioglu@gmail.com

    Hilal Develioğlu Bakır 30.10.2016
  • Molto interessante questo progetto. Considero positivo "aprire la mente"dei bambini all'esistenza di paesi diversi dal proprio,praticare il riconoscimento reciproco sperimentando lo scambio interculturale, nella speranza che questo li aiuti a crescere desiderosi di scoprire, di conoscere, viaggiare, liberi da pregiudizi.

    Rachele Mastrorilli 31.10.2016
  • This project sounds exactly the kind of thing I would like to do with my pupils, particularly Y2 (age 6/7) who have just started learning French with me. If it is still ongoing we would love to join! Kate Taylor

    Kate Taylor 29.12.2016
  • Hallo from Berlin. I teach English in the first and fourth forms. My pupils are 6 /7 and 10/11 years old. We would like to take part in this project. Tatiana Romanova

    Tatiana Romanova 09.01.2017
  • Hello from Spain!! I´m a primary teacher and also an English teacher of pupils 7/8 years old and We would like to take part in this project. Please, let us to form part of this amazing adventure. Thanks.

    Verónica Gayango 07.02.2017
  • I like the idea of thtis project. We would like to join you.Thanks.

    Livia Voica 16.02.2017
  • Hello! This seems like a valuable and fun project to do with my 5-6 year olds. Would like to participate also if possible.

    Karin Kaugeranna 28.02.2017
  • Hello, I´m interestedin your porject. Can I join? marta.vazquez@edu.xunta.es

    Marta Vazquez 02.03.2017
  • Hello, I´m interestedin your porject. Can I join? olenaartyukh1@gmail.com

    Olena Artyukh 02.03.2017
  • I am from Albania and I am interested to be part of your project

    Enkelejda Lisi 18.05.2017
  • Hi! I am a German teacher at a high school in Székesfehérvár, Hungary, and I would like to join this project. How can I join this project? My email is sadrienn84@gmail.com Thank you.

    Adrienn Skoda 23.08.2017
  • Hi I'm a primary teacher in Spalding, Uk and would like to join this project. Thanks Kate

    Katherine Moss 17.09.2017
  • Hi! I am English Teacher in Turkey and I would like to join this project, buketkarakas.ing@gmail.com, thanks...

    Buket KARAKAS 19.10.2017
  • I am a teacher from Ukraine and I would like to participate in this project with my pupils. Would be great to cooperate with the team of creative teachers

    Olga Myklashevska 06.11.2017
  • Hi! I'm a teacher from Catalunya and I would like to join this project. My students are 11 years old. We work social science in English, so this will be a perfect project to participate in.