Out of the Box #eTwCitizen16

  • Nagrajeni : Age category 12-15(Finalist, 2018)
  • Raven : Od 13 do 15
  • Ključne kompetence : Digitalna / Jezikovna / Kulturna zavest in izražanje / Osebnostna / socialna in učna / Pismenost

    Predmeti : dramska umetnost / državljanska vzgoja / etika / glasba / informatika/IKT / jezik in literatura / klasični jeziki (latinščina in grščina) / medijska vzgoja / medpredmetno / oblikovanje in tehnologija / okoljska vzgoja / tehnologija / tuji jeziki / umetnost / zgodovina kulture
Spoznaj TwinSpace

This project will provide students with an excellent opportunity to improve their creative skills, use their imagination, enhance their oral and written English, express themselves in artistic ways and acquire digital skills. Working collaboratively, students will exchange data, produce instructions for their peers and build authentic products. Transnational groups will work together to “give life” to otherwise inert objects like puppets, dolls, sunglasses, wigs and others. Students will have to decide on the best way to do so (videos, drama, animation, mimic, etc). Each partner group will put together their own box full of motionless objects. These, together with three “compulsory” words given by each group of students to their foreign peers, will be the basis for the creation of different stories, which will then be dramatised in a series of ways decided by each group. One story per country will be written in L1, all the others will be in English. The final product will be a compilat