Ensemble traçons notre futur / Charting Our future together / Trazamos juntos nuestro futuro

  • Raven : Od8 do 19
  • Ključne kompetence : Matematična / naravoslovna / tehniška in inženirska / Pismenost

    Predmeti : dramska umetnost / državljanska vzgoja / glasba / informatika/IKT / medpredmetno / tuji jeziki / zgodovina
Spoznaj TwinSpace

A collaborative project between pupils of several generations and nationalities, between pupils of primary School, middle school and high school. Through the interactive writing and some other activities, our pupils chart their future or perfect future, as they want it, a better future in different fields as the social relations, the education, the lifestyles, the future of the Earth... It's a project of cooperation, collaboration, echange, opening and union. The activities of the project are interdesciplinas, in 4 languages: in English, Spanish, French, and Arabic.