Herit@ge Matters

  • Prémio : Yunus Emre Prize(Vencedor, 2019)
  • Nível : De 13 para 16
  • Competências-chave : Sensibilidade e expressão culturais

    Disciplinas : Citizenship / Cultura / Educação Tecnológica / Educação Visual / Estudos europeus / Formação Cívica / Geografia / História / Informática/TIC / Linguas Estrangeiras / Literaturas/Língua Portuguesa / Música / Teatro / Tecnologia / Transversal ao currículo
Descubra o TwinSpace

This project aims to create strong cross-cultural and intergroup relations among the partners. It is our belief that Education should develop an awareness of our common heritage and its importance in terms of Values, while at the same time building up the confidence of students to speak up for themselves and speak out against injustice. We want to help these future European citizens to gain a better understanding of basic values such as equity, respect, tolerance, diversity, among others. Our duty, as teachers, is not only to teach our students literacy but help them to become sound people.