• Poziom : Od 3 do 18
  • Kompetencje kluczowe : Języki  / Obywatelskie / Świadomość i ekspresja kulturalna

    Przedmioty : obywatelstwo / przedmiot interdyscyplinarny / sztuka
Poznaj TwinSpace

We would like to celebrate the School Day of Non Violence and Peace (30th January, when Gandhi died) with schools from foreign countries and to implement a common project: Pigeons for Peace. We are interested not only in the final product, but in the process, the process of awareness and learning. We would like to invite every school to present activities about a person or an institution from its country who has work for Peace or who is still working for Peace. This project intends to encourage the practice of oral skills in English and the interaction among the participant schools. As a final act, a video summarizing the activity will be created, with images of every participant school so as to share different experiences and to make people understand that school’s reality and wishes of Peace are very similar everywhere in the world.