Kids h@nd in h@nd

  • Nagrodzony : Age category 4-10(Druga nagroda, 2008)
  • Poziom : Od 5 do 12
  • Kompetencje kluczowe : Cyfrowe 

    Przedmioty : informatyka/ICT / muzyka / przedmiot interdyscyplinarny / sztuka / teatr

Children are all equal but they have their own feelings and thoughts. Let express our feelings 'h@nd in h@nd' together with our friends all over the world. How can we do that? What is the aim of this project? First of all we create a hand-shaped signature by making a handprint on paper of one of our hands. Therefore we paint it first in a colourful way. Then we compose a little face on the printed palm of the hand that shows our feelings by using the 'wiggly' eyes that we send to you when you join our project. The face is the image of the heart and the eyes are the mirror of the soul. The palm of the hand, a place where we feel safe and secure… You can also join two other activities: -Let's draw faces in the playful and artistic environment. 'Tux Paint'! You can download this free program on this website. (For 'Windows' you need 2 files: 'tuxpaint windows-installer' and 'tuxpaint-stamps windows-installer'.) You can make use of our stamps (a set of eyes) that can be placed into the program. (Download our collection:!) -You can also make a 'freehand' drawing with our online program. You can find the results on our project website: