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The "rainbow village" project

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Motto : “a rainbow nation at peace with itself and the world” Nelson Mandela How about joining our “Rainbow village” where students from France, Greece, Italy, Poland, Romania, Turkey, Slovakia and the United Kingdom will learn to live together and share their experiences. The languages used will be English and French. Through the etwinning platform, students will first get to know each other, discuss every day life topics and compare their customs with their European counterparts. This data will then be used to create a virtual village that will be a "mixture" of cultures where students will 1) assume new identities (physical description, character, likes and dislikes ...), 2) write a physical description of their ideal village, 3) decide upon an emblem, a national anthem and common laws. Events could take place in this village and the participants will react to them and thus interact. Their creation will be collected in a blog specially designed for the project. The students could communicate through either emails or videoconferencing. In parallel, specially designed teaching material will be made available for the students (with a special focus on the teaching of cognitive and metacognitive strategies) on a learning platform at Nancy university or on the virtual etwinning space. Finally, the teachers and students will share their impressions of the project. Visit our blog : http://therainbowvillageproject.blogspot.com/

  • Vakken: Informatica/ICT, Kunst, Milieuonderwijs, Muziek, Vakoverstijgend, Vreemde talen
  • Talen: EN - FR
  • Leeftijd van de leerling: 11 - 15
  • Te gebruiken hulpmiddelen: Audioconferentie, Chatsessie, E-mail, Forum, Mp3, Overige software (PowerPoint, videobewerkingssoftware, beeldbewerkingssoftware), Projectdagboek, Publiceren op het internet, TwinSpace, Videoconferentie, Virtuele leeromgeving (virtuele gemeenschappen, klassen, ...)
  • Doelstellingen:
    Aims and objectives The aims and objectives of this project are manifold : educational : - to develop the students' intercultural... lees meer
  • Werkproces:
    Work process There are to be several steps that will run abreast in this project : step 1 : On the etwinning platform... lees meer
  • Verwachte resultaten:
    Expected results - creation of a blog describing their “rainbow village” - publishing of the material produced on a blog - publishing of... lees meer
Projectpartners - 8 partner(s)

Artemiza Lovin

School Icon Sc. Gimn. Nr.29 Galati (Galați, Roemenië)

Vakken: Basisschoolvakken, Burgerschap, Cultuurgeschiedenis, Informatica/ICT, Mediaonderwijs, Milieuonderwijs, Muziek, Taal en literatuur, Toneel, Vakoverstijgend, Vreemde talen

Talen: EN - FR


Helena Butterfield

School Icon St Michael's Catholic Academy (Billingham, Groot-Brittannië)

Vakken: Burgerschap, Milieuonderwijs, Vakoverstijgend, Vreemde talen

Talen: DE - ES - FR


İnnap KAYA

School Icon 50. Yıl Ortaokulu (Samsun, Turkije)

Vakken: Muziek, Psychologie, Taal en literatuur, Technologie, Toneel, Vreemde talen

Talen: EN - FR


Isabelle Bonnassies

School Icon Collège Jean Lacaze (GRISOLLES, Frankrijk)

Vakken: Burgerschap, Lichamelijke opvoeding, Ontwerp en technologie, Taal en literatuur, Vreemde talen

Talen: EN


Ivana Natali

School Icon ICS di Sermide (Sermide (MN), Italië)

Vakken: Aardrijkskunde, Burgerschap, Europese studies, Geschiedenis, Taal en literatuur, Vakoverstijgend, Vreemde talen

Talen: EN - FR - IT


Katarína Hybenová

School Icon Gymnázium M. M. Hodžu (Liptovský Mikuláš, Slovakije)

Vakken: Sociale studies/sociologie, Taal en literatuur, Vreemde talen

Talen: EN


Paraskevi Belogia

School Icon Primary School of Grizano (Δημοτικό Σχολείο Γριζάνου) (TRIKALA, Griekenland)

Vakken: Cultuurgeschiedenis, Informatica/ICT, Kunst, Mediaonderwijs, Milieuonderwijs, Muziek, Taal en literatuur, Toneel, Vreemde talen

Talen: EN


Stanisława Czerezdrecka

School Icon Zespół Szkół w Dąbrowie (Dąbrowa Opolska, Polen)

Vakken: Sociale studies/sociologie, Vakoverstijgend, Vreemde talen

Talen: EN