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Persone nella scuola 1ST GYMNASIO OF SYKIES
Thumb Anna Moneftsi

Materie: Educazione ambientale,Geografia,Informatica / TIC,Lingue Straniere,Scienze Naturali

Lingue: - EL - EN - FR -

I would like my class to communicate with other schools to find a project of common interest.

Thumb Magdalini Nikolaidou

Materie: Cross Curricular,Educazione ambientale,Educazione Fisica,Italiano e letteratura,Lingue Straniere,Storia

Lingue: - DE - EL - EN - FR -

I am a teacher of German language and I am strongly interested in European cooperation and culture

Thumb Matina Kouvela

Materie: Economia,Economia Domestica,Educazione ambientale,Scienze della vita e della salute,Scienze Sociali

Lingue: - EL - EN -

Hi! I'm a home economist specialized in environmental economics. I currently work as a home economics teacher at Thessaloniki, Greece.

Thumb Panagiota Malliarou

Materie: Educazione Fisica,Informatica / TIC,Lingue Straniere

Lingue: - EL - EN -

We are a sports school and our pupils want to exchange experiences on sports in school life.

Thumb Pigi Tsiountou

Materie: Economia Domestica,Educazione ambientale,Lingue Straniere

Lingue: - EN -

I am teacher of English as a foreign language. I love travelling and working with teachers and pupils from other countries.

Thumb Vasiliki Konstantinidou

Materie: Cross Curricular,Economia Domestica,Educazione ambientale,Lingue Straniere

Lingue: - DE - EL -

Ich unterrichte Deutsch. Ich beschaeftige mich auch mit Programmen, die mit der lokalen Geschihte zu tun haben.

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Progetti eTwinning - 7 progetti

Eating in eTwinning : Wer bist du, Was isst du? (Chiuso il )

Project Picture French and Greek students get to know each other through their eating habits. They learn and cook « together » trying to improve their understanding and the skills they need to make appropriate food choices and develop positive attitudes to diet and...

getting to know each other (Chiuso il 05.03.2007)

Project Picture Getting teenagers to learn about and compare lifestyles and cultures. Getting them to familiarize with new technologies Using English as an effective medium of communication

Let's talk about sports in school (Chiuso il 13.01.2008)

Project Picture What do pupils think about sports in school? Do they enjoy it? Could they make a presentation of how they exercise sports in their school? Do they think it's important and why, to exercise sports in school?

Was isst du? Tell me what you eat ... (Chiuso il 16.09.2015)

Project Picture French and Greek students get to know each other through their eating habits. They share their food culture and their eating habits through interviews, questionnaires and short video clips.

Wetlands in danger (Chiuso il 04.12.2007)

Project Picture Nowdays, agriculture and urban development threaten Wetlands with extinction. Wetlands are being drained, and polluted. What can be done to preserve our precious Wetland habitats?

What About a Greener School? (Chiuso il )

Project Picture French and Greek students work on environmental issues, look for information, exchange and compare data, and imagine ways to make their schools more environment-friendly.

Ομάδα Ελλήνων Πρεσβευτών (Iniziato il 17.09.2015)

Project Picture Στον χώρο αυτό οι Έλληνες Πρεσβευτές θα επικοινωνούν μεταξύ τους αλλά και με την Εθνική Υπηρεσία