• Récompenses : Age category 16-19(Lauréat(e), 2009)
  • Niveau : De 16 à 19
  • Compétences clés : Entrepreneuriat

    Matières : Economie

If we stop and think for a moment of how our dietary tastes have changed for the last fifty years we find out that only the taste for pizza has never changed although it is prepared differently from country to country with a great variety of toppings. Yet it is more and more popular and either fresh or frozen there is always a place and a time to enjoy a piece of pizza. Pizza has become a real business all over the world bringing overseas the best of “made in Italy” . Pizzerias (pizza places) are mushrooming everywhere and this food has brought about a flourishing market involving both the social and economic field: festivals, torneos, competitions, pizzerias / pizzamen associations , magazines are found in Italy and worldwide while companies specialised in pizzeria equipment come out with newly products to make quality pizzas. With this project we want to investigate the pizza business across Europe and in order to have an overall view of this type of business countries of the North, South, East and West part of Europe will be asked to partecipate. It consists of two parts. In the first part we will outline the changing of people’s food habits and tastes for the last fifty years; the mechanisms through which “pizza” has become a transnational food (immigration, tourism); the different types of pizza and its nutritional values; places , rites and slang related to pizza/pizzeria. In the second part we will plan a pizzeria in order to develop in students the business mind. It will be studied how to start a pizzeria; the bureaucratic process ; to apply in a simulation both the marketing conditions and the management practicality (from theory to practice); a visit in a pizzeria and an interview to the owner on how to start and keep a “successful pizzeria”. This plan will be a part of the State Exams for last year student graduations for each country involved in the project.