Songs, Language & Culture

  • Palkittu : Age category 16-19 (Toinen sija, 2010)
  • Taso : 14–17
  • Avaintaidot : Kielitaito / Lukutaito

    Oppiaineet : Draama / Informatiikka/ICT / Kieli ja kirjallisuus / Kuvaamataito / Mediaopetus / Musiikki / Vieraat kielet

Project in which students will be involved in a topic they are familiar with and in which they will have the opportunity to reinforce their ability in the use of the ICT, since they will have to use both a blog and a wiki, a part of course from sending mails, taking part in forum and chat sessions. The project will also help them reflect upon their own language and English in order to understand how much of culture is implied in the study of a foreign language. Songs will be used in every step of the project i.e. songs and other forms of art, songs as a window to a culture, songs and the English language, songs as a topic for discussions.