EUROGUIDE: A Students' Guidebook through Young Europe

  • Palkittu : Age category 16-19(Toinen sija, 2014)
  • Taso : 15–19
  • Avaintaidot : Kulttuurin tuntemus ja ilmaisumuodot

    Oppiaineet : Eurooppa / Geologia / Historia / Informatiikka/ICT / Kieli ja kirjallisuus / Luonnontieteet / Maantieto / Vieraat kielet

Euroguides is a Multilateral Comenius Project aimed at the consolidation and development of both communicative and social skills of all the participants involved. With the establishment of a two-year partnership, we would like to give our students the opportunity of being involved in an international project where they can discover the variety and distinctivness of European regions or cities by means of cooperation and the exchange of ideas. Since our main purpose is to get to know each culture and society better -from a respectful and stimulating approach- and to offer a variety of activities for young people to do.