“The new Europeans – the two wooden dolls’ project

  • Palkittu : Age category 11-14(Voittaja, 2008)
  • Taso : 10–16
  • Avaintaidot : Kulttuurin tuntemus ja ilmaisumuodot

    Oppiaineet : Draama / Eurooppa / Historia / Informatiikka/ICT / Kulttuurihistoria / Kuvaamataito / Maantieto / Monioppiaineinen / Musiikki / Vieraat kielet

We are a 4th grade class (age 10) in a primary school, Siegerland – Grundschule, in Berlin, Germany and a grade 7-9 class (ages 12-16) in a nine-year compulsory school, Hässelbygårdsskolan, for children aged 7-16 in Hässelby, Stockholm, Sweden. All students in the Swedish class, a so-called preparatory class, are of non-Swedish background and have only been in the country for a short period of time. They speak no or very little Swedish and will after a year or two, or as soon as it’s possible for them to be taught in Swedish, be transferred into ordinary Swedish classes. As there are students from foreign backgrounds other than German and Swedish in both schools, English will be chosen as common language within the project. We are using the Storyline method, with imaginary pupils, the two wooden dolls, starting a new life in Germany and Sweden. Keywords for the project will be: active learning, reflection and the building on the students’ own experiences and knowledge focusing on leaving their native countries, friends and family for a new life in Europe.