eTwinning Culture Olympics (ECO)

  • Palkittu : Mediterranean Prize (Voittaja, 2019)
  • Taso : 12–15
  • Avaintaidot : Kulttuurin tuntemus ja ilmaisumuodot

    Oppiaineet : Historia / Informatiikka/ICT / Kieli ja kirjallisuus / Kulttuurihistoria / Maantieto / Monioppiaineinen / Teknologia / Vieraat kielet
Tutustu TwinSpaceen

This is a cultural exchange project in which there are some enjoyable competitions pupils will arrange by using some web 2.0. tools and compete with each other. Transnational pupil teams will be created and these teams will make presentations and prepare questions about themselves, their schools, cities, countries (geographical info, historical places, cuisines etc.), languages and some important people (great leaders, scientists, singers, footballers etc.) in their countries. Also this project will be multilingual because pupils will learn and practice the languages of the partners by using the simplest expressions. At the end of each competition the the first three pupils will be awarded.