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BE TWIN ! - Twinning up the everyday lesson

  • Reconocimiento : (Ganador/a)
  • Nivel : De 8 a 13
  • Competencias clave : Digitales / Sociales y cívicas

The project aims at introducing eTwinning-based activities into everyday school life. It does not concentrate on one single topic, but it offers a different approach to everyday didactics, bringing eTwinning into the curricula. We want to prove that ICT and teamwork can add to pupils’ motivation and involvement in all normally planned activities of different disciplines, and that eTwinning-based didactics is not time-consuming but creativity-inducing. Il progetto sarà sviluppato, in particolare nei rapporti tra alunni, in lingua italiana. I materiali prodotti saranno comunque, laddove possibile, tradotti in inglese dagli alunni stessi per favorire la disseminazione.

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