Healthy Booky

  • Reconocimiento : (Finalista, 2016)
  • Nivel : De 10 a 12
  • Competencias clave : Lectoescritura / Socialización / comunicación y aprendizaje

    Asignaturas : Ciencias de la salud / Ciencias naturales / Educación medioambiental / Informática TIC / Lenguas extranjeras / Materias de Primaria
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The aim of the project is to write books showing the good habits and good behaviour one must follow to have a healthy life. At the same time to provide informative books to the school students from 1st to 6th year. The eTwinning project is directed at primary school students aged 10 - 12 to promote active ways of learning. Based on cooperative work between the schools they will prepare informative reading books for the learners of the school.