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Información sobre el proyecto

The project is to bring the students an insight into personalities, achievements of the people who in our students’ opinion shaped European history in the whole scope of fields including politics, music or science. It is also to arise the interest in the lives of the eminent characters and share the knowledge with their partner school(s).By taking advantage of the e-Twinning action the pupils will be able to learn via media, improve their language skills, make new friends, impersonate their favorite characters, prepare and record interviews with them. The follow up steps will include quizzes or questionnaires encouraging their partners to check their knowledge on the chosen person.

  • Asignaturas: Historia , Lenguas extranjeras
  • Idiomas: EN
  • Edad de los alumnos: 12 - 19
  • Herramientas a utilizar: email, Foro, Otro software (Powerpoint, video, fotos y dibujos)
  • Objetivos:
    - To enhance the interest to learn and improve foreign language skills - To encourage pupils to use Information Technology in... más información
  • Proceso de trabajo:
    At first, students in both countries exchange information via e-mails or short presentations about their schools, hobbies in order to... más información
  • Resultados esperados: video films, quizzes or questionnaires, e-mails, presentations
Socios del proyecto - 2 socio(s)


School Icon Publiczne Gimnazjum 42 (Łódź, Polonia)

Asignaturas: Educación medioambiental , Lenguas extranjeras , Matemáticas/Geometría

Idiomas: PL


Juan Carlos Villatoro

School Icon IES Mencía López de Haro (Doña Mencía, España)

Asignaturas: Ciencias sociales/sociología , Ciudadanía , Economía doméstica , Educación Plástica, Estudios europeos , Historia , Historia de las culturas , Lenguas extranjeras , Medios de comunicación , Teatro

Idiomas: ES - PT - EN - FR - IT

Diario del proyecto
Hi everyone!Meet a person from...your partner country!We are about to complete the process of exchanging letters and meeting our partners.This...
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Hi everyone!From the Spanish side, the project has just been approved and can begin! This is an exciting moment!We'll be...
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