Learn more about eTwinning and how you can further develop your ideas and technical knowledge through our publications and reference material.

eTwinning's 2017 Summary Report: ‘‘eTwinning Twelve Years On: Impact on teacher's practice, skills, and professional development opportunities, as reported by eTwinners”
eTwinning Book: ‘‘Building a culture of inclusion through eTwinning”
eTwinning’s 2016 Monitoring Report: ‘‘Monitoring eTwinning Practice – A pilot project guiding teachers’ competence development”
'Growing Digital Citizens: developing active citizenship through eTwinning'.
eTwinning Generation, celebrating ten years of eTwinning
eTwinning 10 years on: Impact on teachers’ practice, skills, and professional development opportunities
Developing pupil competences through eTwinning
eTwinning eBook focused on Ambassadors
A journey through eTwinning: 'A journey of a thousand miles begins with one small step'
  • January 2013 (EN - pdf)
eTwinning School Teams: Case studies on teacher collaboration through eTwinning
eTwinning Cookbook: 50 recipes for school collaboration and professional development in Europe
Pupils in eTwinning, Case studies on pupil participation
Voices of eTwinning: Teachers talk
  • December 2010 (EN - pdf)
Teachers’ Professional Development: an overview of current practice
eTwinning in the classroom: A showcase of good practice (2008-2009)
eTwinning 2.0: Building the community for schools in Europe
  • March 2010 (EN - pdf)
Beyond School Projects: A report on eTwinning 2008-2009
eTwinning: Adventures in language and culture
  • September 2008 (EN – pdf)
Learning with eTwinning: A Handbook for Teachers
  • April 2007 (EN – pdf)
Learning with eTwinning
  • April 2006 (EN – pdf)
First year of eTwinning in Europe
  • March 2006 (ENDEFR – pdf)
Pedagogical Advisory Group reports
  • September 2006 – (EN – pdf)
  • October 2006 – (EN – pdf)
  • February 2007 – (EN – pdf)
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