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The art of sharing – the sharing of art

  • Level : From 14 to 17
  • Key competencies : Digital / Social and civic
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  • Objectives

    To ensure that pupils understand the different types of copyright and Creative Commons Licences.
    To ensure that pupils learn how to give credit to an author/owner of an image.
    To help pupils to improve (digital) skills to produce creative adaptations of pieces of art.
    To help pupils discover the cultural heritage of the partner school.

  • Process

  • Evaluation

    The teachers can do a test or quiz about the different types of copyright and creative commons. They can ask the pupils in what they have learned from the project and how it will influence their future behaviour.

  • Follow-up

    The pupils can present the results of the project to other members of the school community (teachers, pupils, school head). This could result in policy recommendations regarding copyright and re-use of images on the website of the school and on other school publications.