Young and Journalist

  • Level : From 16 to 19
  • Key competencies : Cultural expression / Digital / Foreign language / Social and civic
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  • Objectives

    The participants develop their foreign language skills and they learn to read, speak and write better.
    The participants learn to collaborate and communicate online with partners they don’t meet face-to-face.
    The participants learn to create an article for a magazine including taking and adding relevant pictures.
    The participants learn to create different styles of articles e.g. interview, descriptive article, fait-divers etc.

  • Process

    Activity 1: The participants decide on the title and the different sections of the magazine.
    Activity 2: The students of the different schools present themselves. They also present a logo for the magazine and later on the participants vote for the best logo.
    Activity 3: The students of the participating schools write articles illustrated with pictures they took themselves. They post the articles on the Twinspace and all members of the twinspace post their comments. All news items have a direct link to the world of the students.
    Activity 4: The students create a magazine with the final versions of the articles on the Twinspace. The magazine will be created on paper as well as digitally. Each of the schools makes a selection of articles and created a printed and digital article.
    Suggested technologies: Joomag, Issuu, Calemeo, Scribus
    Activity 5: The participants show their final products at a video conference.

  • Evaluation

    The students fill in a form to self-assess themselves and to point out how they made progress on communication and foreign language skills.
    Suggested technologies: Google Form, Socrative, Padlet

  • Follow-up

    The final outcome of the project, the magazine, is promoted and shared in the wide school community.