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Looking for Beau and Delfi

  • Level : From 6 to 11
  • Key competencies : Cultural expression / Digital / Foreign language / Maths / science and technology / Mother tongue
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  • Objectives

    The students learn more about Europe’s culture and history, languages and traditions, animals, etc.
    The students develop problem solving skills.

  • Process

    Activity 1: Students suggest a name for the kidnapped dolphins and for the project in general. They are also given a word search puzzle with a hidden clue to be solved. Once different names have been selected, the teachers select the top 10 names from each country and create an online survey for students to choose the dolphin’s name and the name of the project.
    Activity 2: the students create logos for the project. The best logo will be selected and created in black and white so that it can be colored in by all participants. Another art activity could be that the students create a new European flag.
    The logos and flags will be assembled to a collage that can be used later on for a storybook with the project highlights.
    Suggested technology: Microsoft Autocollage
    Activity 3: the kidnappers ask the students to create a booklet with touristic information about a country the dolphins have been brought to. Additionally, the students unite via online video conferencing and teach a traditional dance or a traditional song to the other partners.

    Activity 4: the participants need to write a collaborative story about the kidnapped dolphins. The participants work in mixed groups. The beginnings of the stories are written by pupils of one school, the next parts of the stories are written by students of the other school, etc.
    Suggested technology: Titanpad
    Activity 5: students create their own board game. Students write questions about Europe. The students create the board game and draw the pictures. Alternatively, the students create a digital game.
    Suggested technology: PurposeGames
    Activity 6: saving Europe’s animals. The students create online interactive presentations on the theme of endangered or protected animals.
    Suggested technology: Present.Me, PearDeack, Glogster
    Activity 7: welcome back party at the Mini Europe wax museum. The students create their own Mini Europe wax museum for the safe return of the kidnapped animals. The students play the wax statues. They create posters, invitations, banners and decorations for the museum. Different classes, parents, teachers and the media are invited to visit the museum.

  • Evaluation

    All project participants are asked to complete a questionnaire at the end of the project in order to evaluate the project.

  • Follow-up

    At the end of the project a digital storybook with the project highlights is created and shared in the wide school community.