Time Capsule

  • Level : From 11 to 14
  • Key competencies : Digital / Foreign language / Initiative and entrepreneurship / Learning to learn / Social and civic
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  • Objectives

    The basic aims of the project are:
    - to reflect about the consequences of our today actions on the citizens of tomorrow.
    - to understand that we all are interconnected and that the survival and the further development of our planet is based on the value of a peaceful and creative cooperation.

  • Process

    At the beginning of the project it is necessary to explain to the students what a Time Capsule is, since they may not have heard about it. The students conduct a quick internet research to get familiar with the concept of the Time Capsule.

    For the project a logo or mascot can be created. A suggestion could be to take a mole as a mole might encounter the buried Time Capsule.

    Suggested technology: Scrap coloring to colour the mascot.

    During the project the following activities can take place:

    1. The students write letters to the future generations. The letters both have an analog and digital version. The digital versions are shared on the Twinspace. The paper versions will be part of the Time Capsule.

    Suggested technology: Calameo to create e-book with letters of the students

    2. The students collect different items and information that will help future finders of the Time Capsule to understand the world of the time the Capsule was created. The students take pictures of the school, they collect a newspaper article, a small toy or other object, etc. The selection is displayed on the Twinspace.

    Suggested technology: Tricider to record, comment and criticize the opinions or the views on the selection of the time capsule items

    3. Another item to be added to the Time Capsule is the jar of happiness in which the students put several notes with their thoughts about happiness. The items of the jar are also shared on the Twinspace. The schools compare the items.

    Suggested technology: Padlet

    4. The students do a research about how the items that will be added to the Time Capsule as well as the Time Capsule itself, will be preserved for the best.

    5. Finally, the Time Capsule(s) are buried in the surroundings of each school. The different partners report on the event in the Twinspace.

  • Evaluation

    The students write a reflection about what they have learned in the project.

  • Follow-up

    Creation of extra multimedia material regarding the Time Capsule. This material can range from a documentary movie to a social media page (Facebook, Google+ etc.).

    Creation of a comic or an animated video with more adventures of the project’s mascot, Mr Mole.