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Is this castle haunted?

  • Level : From 10 to 15
  • Key competencies : Cultural expression / Digital / Foreign language / Learning to learn / Mother tongue
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  • Objectives

    • shaping a regional, national and European identity through discovering the most interesting historical treasures and related legends
    • discovering architectural details and features of castles, as well as the specificity of their habitants' life
    • developing skills in using various information sources (either traditional or multimedia) and processing selected information through chosen ICT tools;
    • expanding skills in creative writing, arousing the motivation of reading and analyzing literature, as well as other works of art
    shaping skills of working in a group and cooperating with peers from other countries during implementation

  • Process

    The partners start to get to know each other by providing information about themselves, their schools and towns.

    Suggested technologies: Voki, Thinglink

    The main project activities:

    1. The students work in groups to build their own castle and use the materials they like. The results are shown in an art exhibition at school and digitally shared with the project partners. The partner schools give comments on the creations of pupils of the other schools and choose a winner.

    Suggested technologies: PhotoSnack, ProShow Web, PictureTrail, Glogster, Pinterest, Slideful, Padlet, Kizoa, Haiku Deck.

    2. The students create a fashion show with self-created medieval dresses. The pictures of the medieval models are shared in the Twinspace and discussed and commented by the partner schools.

    3. Transferring a traditional code of chivalry into today's school realities. Similar to the code of chivalry, the students create a school code of honour. They presented it as a mind map or infographics.

    Suggested technologies: Mindmaps, Mindomo, Text2Mindmap (Mindmaps) -,, Piktochart (Infographics)

    4. Virtual Castle Tour. The students create a clickable map of Europe and provide multimedia information of beautiful castles and palaces located in their countries.

    Suggested technology: Thinglink

    5. Students find on internet or in the library information about haunted castles. The result of the research is presented by the different partners. All the presentations can be compiled into one e-book.

    Suggested technologies: PhotoSnack, ProShow Web, PictureTrail, Glogster, PowerPoint, Slideful, Padlet, Kizoa, Haiku Deck.

    E-book: Joomag, Issuu

    6. Interactive Library of Haunted Castles. The pupils share their favourite books and stories connected to castles on a Padlet board. Eventually students can produce booktrailers and add them to the Padlet library.

    Suggested technologies: Padlet, Powtoon

    7. Pupils create their own (multimedia) stories about ghosts and haunted castles.

    Suggested technologies: Storybird, Storyjumper

    8. Pupils design their own (virtual) board game. To go to the next stage of the board the students need to solve a riddle or puzzle.

    Suggested technologies: Jigsaw Planet, LearningApps, Blubbr, ProProfs, PurposeGames

  • Evaluation

    On a weekly basis the students fill in a Google form and give feedback about the project. They write a short reflection about what they have learned and answer some recurring questions.
    The participants also know at the beginning of the project they will be assessed on some of the project deliveries as well as on their general commitment.

  • Follow-up

    A selection of the digital products of the participants as well as a summary of the main activities are shared on public pages of the Twinspace and linked to the website of the schools of the participants.