Healthy Booky

  • Level : From 10 to 12
  • Key competencies : Cultural expression / Digital / Foreign language / Initiative and entrepreneurship / Learning to learn / Maths / science and technology / Mother tongue / Social and civic
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  • Objectives

    To develop language skills (speaking, reading and writing).
    To develop cooperative skills working in group.
    To be aware of the importance of having a healthy lifestyle.
    To prove critical thinking and autonomy.
    To have a better understanding of European cultures.

  • Process

    Most of the activities can take place in mixed/international groups.

    1. Everyday healthy habits: students made interactive posters and/or mindmaps where they express what they have already known about every day’s healthy habits. All the participants take an online survey. The posters of the participating schools and the survey results are shared and discussed on the Twinspace.
    Suggested technologies: Glogster, SpicyNodes, Google Forms
    2. Healthy recipes: the participants create a Healthy Recipe Book with healthy dishes popular in their countries. They also make interviews with school chefs. The participants prepare a healthy meal with a recipe from a partner school.
    3. Healthy internet use: the students brainstorm on the safe use of internet. They visualize some Internet threats by drawing pictures.
    4. The results of the investigations of the students are presented in digital e-books.
    Suggested technologies: Issuu, Joomag

  • Evaluation

    At the end of the project the participants take another survey with (partly) the same questions as the initial survey, to see whether they changed habits or views on health.

  • Follow-up

    At school the Healthy Recipe Book is shared in the wide school community. At school physical exercises are organized for both students and staff. The students do a presentation for parents about staying healthy on internet.