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Don't bully, act kindly, live happily

  • Level : From 12 to 15
  • Key competencies : Cultural expression / Foreign language / Mother tongue / Social and civic
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  • Objectives

    - To acknowledge bullying as a widespread problem and to come up with solution approaches
    - To develop international skills as the issue will be jointly addressed by several countries
    - To develop foreign language skills:
    • English is the TwinSpace communication language
    • improvement of reading and listening comprehension
    • development of writing skills (stories and comments)
    - Development of the ability to work as a team and improvement of ability to act independently

  • Process

    1. Break the classes down into teams

    2. Introduce the partner teams, schools, school locations with the aid of videos and puzzles (e.g. jigsaw planet)

    3. Different forms of bullying (recognising)
    - The pupils of each partner school address the different forms of bullying in small groups. They look online for videos that focus on the issue of bullying in the lives of schoolchildren and present a video of their choice in class. They are expected to explain the reasons for their choice and to ultimately vote which video they will share with the partner schools and would like to post in the TwinSpace.
    - They develop a list of terms related to the issue of bullying which they will then use in word clouds and mind maps.
    - They watch the partners' videos, discuss these and comment on them.

    4. Writing stories about the issue of bullying
    The partner schools jointly write stories about the issue of bullying. Beginning, continuation with a bad/happy end, illustrations and title are divided amongst the partner schools in such a way that each school is involved in all stories.

    Five stories from five partner schools (A, B, C, D, E) – allocation example:

    A B C D E

    Continuation with happy end
    E A B C D

    Continuation with bad end
    D E A B C

    C D E A B

    B C D E A

    Each partner school
    - reflects in groups what might be an interesting story about the issue of bullying and writes the beginning of the story. The story should end with a cliff-hanger. The class chooses a beginning and passes it on to a partner school that will write its continuation with two different endings (happy/bad end).
    - reads the partners' stories.
    - writes a continuation.
    - illustrates a story and
    - decides on a title.

    5. The products of their efforts (stories, illustrations, title) are uploaded to the TwinSpace and commented on in the forum.

    6. The individual parts are put together and published as an ebook.

  • Evaluation

    The work will be evaluated with an online questionnaire and through the evaluation of the respective comments in the TwinSpace. Pupils will be asked how much they have learnt, what it was like to work in the TwinSpace, what they enjoyed most, whether there were any problems, and whether they are interested in more such projects. The evaluation will be accessible to everyone in the TwinSpace. An external software, for instance SurveyMonkey, can be embedded in the TwinSpace for the survey.

  • Follow-up

    An audio book could accompany the jointly produced ebook. New contributions could be added to the collection of short stories. The stories could be acted out.

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    Maria Rosaria Carannante 24.02.2016

    Caroline Ripari 27.02.2016
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    Susanna Tasca 28.02.2016
  • its. interestring. in that time when the bulling is evedent everywhere , andis a fenomen , we must stop it

    Aida Lumshi 01.03.2016
  • Hi! I am an English teacher at a high school in Kayseri, Turkey, and I would like to join this project. My email is Thank you.

    Ömer Özcan 02.03.2016
  • I've just worked in two of my classes about this topic (bullying) and I would be glad to do it again with other classes. I teach English to 12/14 year-old italian students. If you are interested to join this project using the English language please contact me ( )it would be my first e twinning project. I have no experience...

    Tiziana Blasigh 02.03.2016
  • This is also our problem in Turkey. And as teachers we want to find a solution this problem starting from our school. So we can participate in this project.

    kezban arslan tüdeş 13.03.2016
  • My name is Marieta Hristova. I'm а kindergarten teacher in Dobrich, near the Bulgarian Black sea coast. Our team of 9 works with children aged 3 to 7. Interested in projects related to ecology and healthy lifestyle, agresija. Will be glad to hear from you and to eventually do something together.Please contact with me. marieta.hristoforova@abv.BG

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    FATİH KARAHAN 22.09.2016
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    Emanuela Pianese 14.10.2016
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  • Hi, I am an English teacher from Turkey. I am teaching to students who are 15-18. I am sure my students will be interested in this project because bullying is a common problem here. And most of the time, my students don't know what to do or how to react.. Please contact me;

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    Sandra Muzzi 04.09.2017
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    Teresa Muscherà 16.09.2017
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  • The project is really interesting. I'm from Albania and I would like to join your project with my students.

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  • I find this project very interesting. Beside the fact that the students acknowledge bullying as a big problem and improve their language skills, a wide range of 21st century skills are involved as well: critical thinking, collaboration in international groups, ICT-skills, communicating...

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  • A great project on a subject that is global. I would love to do this with a tutor group. I think every child should so a project like this at some time in their school life.

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  • Very good project about Bullying. It's an important ongoing topic for every classroom in order to acknowledge bullying as a problem and learn how to deal with bullying situations.

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  • Hallo! I'm Ilaria from Vicenza, a city between Verona and Venice. Now we are working in an Erasmus + project, "Fighting Xenophobia with Education"( Before we worked with Comenius). This is the last year. We have been working since 2016. I'd like to work with you on this project about Bullying. Our school is near the problem and it would like to work to find solutions. Ilaria

    Ilaria Merico 26.10.2017
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