• Level : From 9 to 12
  • Key competencies : Cultural expression / Digital / Foreign language / Learning to learn
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  • Objectives

    This project may embrace many different pedagogical areas within various stages.
    It aims at using mainly a learning by doing and inquiry on the part of the pupils
    As the activities are built on the socio-cultural aspects of each country involved, the pupils will increase their understanding and perception of these aspects.

  • Process

    There are 10 main steps to this project which cover a full year, but they may be adapted to your context:
    • Introduce yourself
    • Introduce your school
    • Introduce the place where you live and the things you like to do
    • Festival greetings
    • Cultures and traditions
    • Creating the song
    • Logo competition
    • Feedback
    • Final international song
    • Say “Goodbye”
    These steps are described below on a bi monthly schedule.

    October/ November:

    1) Introduction to TwinSpace
    2) Creation of eTwinning profiles, each pupil will subscribe and create a bilingual profile.
    Pupil Activity: find and comment on at least 1 other pupil from another country.
    Teacher activity: Provide a list of name of all participants and link each pupil with 3 partners (EO)

    1) Introducing schools.
    Pupil activity: In groups create a presentation about the school (using any of the following, Slideshare, Calameo, Imageshack) and share it in the TwinSpace. All pupils need to comment at least once in the other school’s presentations bilingually.
    Teacher activity: supervision of presentations and Reading comments.

    Christmas carols and cards/ or other festival activities according to the cultural tradition of the country involved. The activities for this month may be adapted accordingly.

    Teacher activity: Buy 3 sets of 15 Christmas cards (1st week of December).
    Music department to record a Christmas Carol.

    Film pupils receiving the cards/ interview them/ Take picture /make a poster….
    Pupils: write postcards in their Home language/English, choose a Carol. Explain the meaning of the Carol in English.

    Pupil activity: Create an individual musical profile which will involve using an image, song, video etc. to create a post about their favourite band. Pupils need to justify their choice. Other pupils need to comment and find similar profiles.
    Teacher: Supervise work.

    Song base survey.

    Teacher: each school choose 2 songs (one popular and one local) for their future international song. ONLY THE MELODY will be used.
    All teachers send the list to create a survey and publish in the TwinSpace.
    Pupils: Vote for their favourite song. Post the songs on the TwinSpace.

    Feb/March: Creation of the lyrics

    Choose topic, content of the FUSE eTwinning project:
    Europe, peace, rights, friendship, integration…..

    April: Getting the song together! Final product!

    May: Celebrating the achievement of the project

  • Evaluation

    The project may be evaluated either formally through a short common survey of the pupils or informally through class and interclass discussions.

  • Follow-up

    The outcomes cold be broadcast on eTwinning Live as a live show. Each school could organise an event for the school and or parents to present the project and its outcomes.

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    Stefania Alina Ruxandariu 01.03.2016
  • Your project is really innovative. We could join it. We are from Poland.

    Anna Tesarczyk 24.07.2016
  • This project is really very interesting and we would like to share it with you .We would like to join in .We are a vocational school in South West of France Could it be possible? I look forward to a positive answer . Kind regards .

    Marie SICARD 22.09.2016
  • Hi, I really like your project because it includes different motivating tasks that my pupils (aged 10-12) would love doing ! I'm an English teacher in France. We'd love to take part ! Hope to get a positive answer. Greetings.

    Isabelle Brothier 24.10.2016
  • Hi, Your project seems great that's why I'd love my students to take part in it. I look forward to a positive answer. All the the best!

    Ramona Buzea 08.12.2016
  • I'd like to participate. Would it be possible ? Regards. (Orgueil, France)

    clotilde LOUBERE 05.06.2017
  • Se magari una scuola media italiana fosse interessata di farlo con me ? Sono prof di italiano in Francia

    Carole Bec-Albanese 09.06.2017
  • Hello, My name is Axel. I am a teacher in France. I am looking for penpals for my class of 25 students. The pupils are 11 to 12 years. Middle Boys/middle girls. The students can spend the year exchanging letters in english on a variety of themes from themselves to family , school, town, country, traditions and enjoy learning about each others lives. We will make little gifts and exchange photos of our activities in school during the year and I hope to explore and teach my students about their new penpals country and traditions. I look forward to hearing from you. Thanks Axel axel.jousse@gmail.com

    Axel JOUSSE 03.10.2017
  • Hi, my name is Tatiana Dragan, i am an English teacher. I find this project quite attractive for my students. It gives the opportunity to be closer and get acknowledged with other cultures around the world. Your project is really fusion between members.

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  • Hi! It's interesting to use art in citizenship. Congrats.

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