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Interesteen: An on-line MAGAZINE for cultural exchanges

  • Level : From 12 to 15
  • Key competencies : Digital / Foreign language / Initiative and entrepreneurship / Learning to learn / Social and civic
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  • Objectives

    • To make pupils more aware of cultural differences and similarities in European countries.
    • To assist pupils to earn how to write collaboratively with both their classmates and partners abroad, and publish articles on-line.
    • To introduce the meaningful use of ICT.
    • To promote the growth of the pupils’ critical thinking.
    • To develop the self-confidence, self-motivation, of pupils.
    • To promote working in teams, sharing responsibilities, solving problems and negotiating to reach decisions in common.
    • To learn a foreign language in a dynamic, interactive and fun way.

  • Process

    1. Getting started: Firstly, pupils, working in national groups, learn about mass media and the ICT tools needed for the project. Then, they group in international teams choosing a topic and type of article.
    2. Collecting and sorting information: They search the Internet, brainstorm and exchange ideas with their teammates, using the communication tools of the TwinSpace. They prepare the draft of the article. Finally, they decide about article layout and pictures to illustrate their ideas.
    3. Learning with and from each other: Pupils read their peers’ articles, exchange comments and create quizzes to promote reading. They also choose the best image for the magazine cover and vote for the best articles.
    4. Publishing articles: Pupils check the language, organization and illustrations of their articles ensuring they quote sources properly. Finally, teachers as administrators make the articles public.

  • Evaluation

    Pupils’ and teachers’ work is evaluated throughout the project using the following tools:
    - Comments posted in forums and wikis on the TwinSpace for each international team.
    - Quizzes (created with about the content of the articles published, to promote reading and peer-evaluation.
    - Surveys and debates created with Tricider and Sticky Moose to choose the best articles and images in the magazine.
    - Digital wall with Padlet to send thank you and good-bye messages to other school partners.
    - Google forms to evaluate the project for teachers and pupils including these aspects:
    • Level of engagement
    • Tools and activities they use and enjoy most
    • The main benefits from taking part in the project
    • Suggestions to improve the project in following years

  • Follow-up

    Teachers share new web tools, put pupils at the centre of their teaching and have different and positive contact with classes beyond the traditional framework of school. This can be formalised into a presentation session to other classes.
    Schools develop links with Europe and open up internationally enhancing the learning of foreign languages and 21st century skills. The schools could come together on eTwinning Live to celebrate an Intersteen Day.
    This project is adapted to be flexible and allow the participation of other partner schools in following years and other teachers of different non linguistic subjects such as History or Ethics.
    The project could expand into the creation of podcasts and web radio.
    The magazines created can be used for teaching the language used as a foreign language among other pupils and teachers not participating in this project.

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  • The project "Interesteen: An on-line MAGAZINE for cultural exchanges" promote a collaborative work among national and international groups, making children more aware of cultural differences and similarities in European countries. The objectives are clearly defined, following development of 21 century sckills:critical thinking, motivation of pupils, collaboration, solvve problem and negotiation, learn a foreign languages in a dynamic, interactive and fun way. The Proccess, Evaluation and Follow up are set to be flexible and allow the participation of other partner schools in following year and that is very important for sustenability of the project. Is a good example for us and that means that could be a real "guide" that inspired us for next eTwinning projects.

    FLORINA POPESCU 19.10.2017
  • An amazing project which make pupils more aware of cultural differences and similarities in European countries.

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