• Level : From 12 to 15
  • Key competencies : Digital / Initiative and entrepreneurship / Social and civic
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  • Objectives

    The pedagogical objectives are to develop the following competences in pupils:
    • ICT skills such as
    o Using recording tools
    o Learning the basics about sound editing;
    o Learning the basics about film making
    o Learning about photo composition rules
    The pupils also:
    • Learn how to express their ideas and feelings
    • Learn respect for different ideas
    • Improve their foreign language skills
    • Develop their imagination and creativity

  • Process

    The pupils are divided into different teams in order to produce several collaborative movies. For example the SOUND EDITORS team will be in charge of the soundtracks for the short animations (or pictures). This team will record, edit and manipulate the sounds and will produce the final movie matching the soundtrack to the animation (or picture). The FILM MAKERS team will be responsible for the creation of the animations (or taking pictures to put sound on). Each one of these teams will feed a respective bank: the Sound Bank; the Movie Bank or the Image Bank.

    First tasks

    Before beginning the pupils must be divided into teams. If possible let them choose their own team.

    1-Pupils have to populate two or three ‘banks’: a “sound bank” and a “movie bank” (if you wish, you can create an “image bank”, as well).
    2-Movie Bank: Pupils will create short animations to upload into the Movie Bank (on Macromedia Flash MX, for instance, JellyCam or any free mobile phone or tablet stop motion application like iMotion for iPad).
    3-Image Bank: Pupils will create several drawings or take pictures to upload into the “Image Bank”.
    4-Sound Bank: Pupils will try different ways to produce interesting sounds and record them. These sounds can be produced with musical instruments, voices, disposal materials or by any other creative means (check some of our ideas here: or Pupils will record the sounds using their mobile phones or any other appropriate devices and upload them into the Sound Bank. The sounds uploaded may have been recorded live and/or edited (on Audacity, for instance). Pupils are free to use and manipulate all the sounds of the Sound Bank.
    5-All sounds or animations (or images) produced must be always uploaded into the respective 'banks' in order to be shared with and used by the other project participants.

    Main work
    1-Each pupil (or group of pupils) will choose at least one animation (or image) to put sound on.
    2-Pupils should preferably use the sounds of the Sound Bank but, in case they don’t find a suitable one there, they can always ask their project partners to create some new ones, try to make the sounds themselves (always upload them into the Sound Bank) and/or use sounds from free websites.
    3-To present their work, each group of pupils should create a small movie mixing the animation chosen with the correspondent ‘soundtrack' created.
    4-Teachers and pupils will give feedback on their project activities on TwinSpace or by any other means of communication.
    5-Each school will also present itself, its country/town to the other school(s) involved through a small movie/PowerPoint presentation or by any other means. Teachers can also schedule some Skype or eTwinning Live sessions.
    6-A blog/website may be created to present the final works or areas of the TwinSpace may be made public.

    The other way round
    It’s also possible to start your creations the other way rounds, i.e., by using the sounds of the Sound Bank first, instead of the animations of the Movie Bank.
    Divide your class in small groups.
    Ask your Pupils to listen to the sounds of the Sound Bank and select two or three.
    Take note of all the sounds they chose and make the Pupils listen to all of them in a row until some of them start to ‘make sense’ when heard in a certain order.
    Create the soundtrack.
    Ask each group to create a storyboard (you may download it here:
    Build the props (if needed) and rehearse (if performed).
    Take pictures.
    Make the final movie matching the images to the soundtrack.

    Other ideas
    Use the sounds of the Sound Bank:
    • on a presentation about your school
    • on Christmas or Valentine eCards
    • to make ringtones
    • on some sort of game (check here for an example:
    • on some creepy (or funny) presentations for Halloween (or Carnival) by manipulating the sounds on Audacity

    Expected results
    A collection of short movies with fantastic soundtracks!

  • Evaluation

    At regular points during the project, present the final movies to your Pupils. Ask them to comment, to find out how the sounds were made, what other ideas they might have, what could have been done differently…
    Prepare some eTwinning Live video sessions to meet the other teams and to show them how each team did their part of the work.
    Assess the work and measure the interest of the project members on a Google form. See ours here:

  • Follow-up

    1-The ‘Oscars’ night:
    • ‘Advertise’ your project’s movies on the school website, a class blog…
    • Ask Pupils, parents and staff to vote for their favourite movie on Tricider, for example.
    • Organize a movie night session and invite the parents, Pupils and other staff.
    • Give the winners an ‘Oscar’ (a trophy)! ;)
    2-Organize a workshop about sound editing or animation (depending on your skills)
    3-Look for children film festivals and maybe apply.

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