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Jūratė Martinaitienė

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Jūratė Martinaitienė

Available for an eTwinning project?No

School Icon Šiaulių Gegužių pagrindinė mokykla
Šiauliai, Lithuania
Role: Teacher
Twinning preferences
  • lietuvių kalba, English
  • Art, Primary School Subjects
Age group:
  • 7 - 11
Project ideas
Hi, everybody! I'm writing you from Lithuania, Šiauliai, Gegužiai basic school. I am a primary school teacher. I also teach my students English. I am very proud of my students because they are dashing and creative. I think that participation in international projects will expand their learning motivation and learning process will be more attractive. We would like to start our first eTwinning project. We are interested in art, culture and tradition. We are looking forward to hear from you.
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