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Barbara Anna Zielonka

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Barbara Anna Zielonka

Interested in: -travelling, reading, meeting new people, languages,good books and films,interested in cross-cultural awareness,blended learning, CLIL,CALL,flipped learning, blended learning,personalized learning, 21st century skills, teaching English as a foreign language, methodology of teaching foreign languages

Available for an eTwinning project?Yes

School Icon Nannestad videreg√•ende skole
Nannestad, Norway
Role: Teacher
Twinning preferences
  • English, norsk
  • Citizenship, Cross Curricular, Drama, European Studies, Foreign Languages, Health Studies, History of Culture, Informatics / ICT, Language and Literature, Media Education, Psychology, Social Studies / Sociology
Age group:
  • 15 - 19
Project ideas
Dear Sir\Madam, I am Barbara Anna Zielonka and I am an English teacher at Nannestad High School, Norway. I am writing on behalf of all English teachers working in Nannestad High School ( www.nannestad.vgs.no).We are a middle sized school situated in the northwestern Akershus county, Norway and only 10minutes from the international airport Gardermoen. Nannestad High School is a young school consisting of around 700students and 100 teachers. It offers different educational programmes like general study, healthcare and social services, media and communication, preparational programme, restaurant and catering, service and logistics, sports education and training. Not only does the school use traditional ways of teaching but it also puts emphasis on new, modern approaches and methods that use available and emerging technology. This year we are extremely interested in the use of eTwinning technology for teaching English. We have started to use Skype in order to communicate with teachers and teenagers from English speaking countries during our English classes, but we would like to get more partner schools\ institutions in this communication experiment/project. We see that there is a great need in establishing contacts with young people who have similar interests and skills. We have already found that such lessons are very effective and all the students find the technology interesting and appropriate to their interests. If you are interested in this cooperative project please feel free to contact us. Together we can make better schools for our students using technology they are interested in and technology that can be effective in teaching. Yours sincerely, Barbara Anna Zielonka Barbara.Zielonka@nannestad.vgs.no www.nannestad.vgs.no