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“The Bible is, from a marketing standpoint, a publishing miracle and remains one of the bestselling books in the world. It's been printed in every language, in every country, and remains a fixture of hotel nightstands in every corner of the world.” , reported CBS News correspondent Lee Cowan. “ For any educated person, it's absolutely essential to know about the Bible. Whether a person is a believer or not, the Bible stands at the foundation of our form of civilization," adds Bart Ehrman, a University of North Carolina professor. The Bible's influence is impossible to ignore in the European character, arquitecture, art…. There are more than a thousand biblical references in the works of Shakespeare alone. Then there's Rembrandt, Chagall and Da Vinci, who all put the Bible on canvas. The Bible is present in contemporary popular culture as well, in music, sitcoms, interpersonal relationships, legal principles, even in fashion design. Movies like “ The Passion”, "The Matrix" , are full of Biblical references that young people fail to understand. And why Because of little or no direct contact to Bible texts in their daily routines. The Bible is so much present in our European society but, in a strange way, also ignored at the same time. Water, like the Bible, is present in our daily lives but we miss to see how important it is and to what extent its reduction may put our lives at risk. The scarcity of clean, drinkable freshwater is a growing global issue. Without clean water, survival of human race is at risk. Not all of us are aware that freshwater water is a finite resource or even grateful for having in large quantities in our countries. The United Nations General Assembly, in December 2003, proclaimed the years 2005 to 2015 as the International Decade for Action "Water for Life". Also the international exhibition in Saragoza, Spain, from 14th June to 14th September 2008, focused the topic water and its impact in our lives. The exhibition on Water and Sustainable Development included a pavilion which presented to the public the theme ”Living Water” inspired in the Talk of Jesus to the Samaritan woman in the Gospel of John, chapter 4. Water is time after time present in the Old and New Testaments in contexts that are familiar to our students ( drinking, cleaning, emotional purposes) but also in less unknown contexts, namely with spiritual purpose. Bible and water are closely connected to life/Life and it is our responsibility to conserve them and pass them on to the future generations. In this new edition of AcrossTheBible across Europe we decided to take a small step to answer this need of awareness on both the Bible and Clean Water on earth. We intend with this eTwinning project to focus on the water topic in our approach to Bible texts and link them up as far as possible to water concerns and develop if possible greater awareness to the central character of both Bible and Water in our civilization. ------- Founders of the AtB water project are the schools D.Dinis-Lisbon, Portugal (T.Fernandes), Dimitrie Anghel Schule-Cornesti Miroslawa, Romaia (Dorina Marin) and the Peter-Petersen-School-Frankfurt/Main, Germany (Irene Szymanski). These schools and teachers go on with a successful three-year AtB partnership.

  • Subjects: Art, Cross Curricular, Ethics, Foreign Languages, History, Media Education, Primary School Subjects, Religion
  • Languages: EN
  • Pupil's age: 10 - 19
  • Tools to be used: e-mail, Forum, Other software (Powerpoint, video, pictures and drawings), Web publishing
  • Aims:
    Some guideline questions: How could a connection to Bible texts be reached among young people What does Water for Life imply in... read more
  • Work process:
    Water is essential to life on earth, it is not the property of a few people but a common good... read more
  • Expected results:
    - exhibitions in the school community presenting in each school/country some conclusions / data concerning the challenge to care for... read more
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School Icon "Liviu Rebreanu" School, Mioveni Town, Arges County (Mioveni, Romania)

Subjects: Art, Citizenship, Cross Curricular, Drama, Environmental Education, Ethics, European Studies, Foreign Languages, Geography, Health Studies, History, Informatics / ICT, Language and Literature, Media Education, Music, Natural Sciences, Primary School Subjects, Religion, Special Needs Education

Languages: EN



School Icon Peter Petersen Schule Frankfurt/Main (Frankfurt am Main, Germany)

Subjects: Art, Citizenship, Environmental Education, Ethics, Foreign Languages, Geography, Language and Literature, Politics, Religion, Social Studies / Sociology

Languages: DE - EN



School Icon Escola Secundária Rainha DONA LEONOR- LISBOA (Lisboa, Portugal)

Subjects: Art, Citizenship, Cross Curricular, Ethics, Foreign Languages, History of Culture, Informatics / ICT, Media Education, Music, Religion

Languages: EN


Dorina Marin

School Icon "Dimitrie Anghel" (Corneşti, Romania)

Subjects: Art, Citizenship, Environmental Education, Ethics, Religion

Languages: EN - RO



School Icon Şcoala Gimnazială Specială Caransebeş (Caransebeș, Romania)

Subjects: Art, Citizenship, Design and Technology, Environmental Education, History, History of Culture, Informatics / ICT, Media Education, Music, Religion, Special Needs Education, Technology

Languages: EN - ES - ET - RO

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