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Fly me to the Moon

Registered on 01.07.2011 - Closed on 22.03.2014

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Not only astronomers are interested by watching the Moon. This project will mix scientific observations or measurements and research of local traditions or beliefs. Theater plays, songs, poems, artistic photographs will also be imagined by pupils, inspired by the Moon like so many artists before them.Οι αστρονομοι δεν ειναι οι μονοι που ενδιαφερονται γαι το φεγγαρι.Αυτο το εργο θα συνδυασει επιστημονικες μετρησεις ή παρατηρησεις με ποιηματα, τραγουδια, παραδοσεις , δοξασιες ολα σχετικα με τη Σεληνη.Θεατρικά εργα, τραγουδια, ποιηματα, καλλιτεχνικες φωτογραφιες θα ταξιδεψουν τους μαθητες και θα τους εμπνευσουν, οπως εχει το φεγγαρι σε τοσους καλλιτεχνες στο παρελθον.

  • Subjects: Art, Astronomy, Foreign Languages, Geology, History, History of Culture, Informatics / ICT, Music, Natural Sciences, Physics
  • Languages: EN
  • Pupil's age: 12 - 16
  • Tools to be used: Chat, e-mail, Forum, Other software (Powerpoint, video, pictures and drawings), Project Diary, Twinspace, Video conference, Web publishing
  • Aims:
    Develop observation skills. Show the use of mathematics in a practical way (measurement of craters size, Moon-Earth distance, Moon size).... read more
  • Work process:
    Both artistic and scientific sides will be started at the same time. On one side research of local traditions, beliefs,... read more
  • Expected results:
    All researches and artistic productions will be shared on public twinspace and school websites. Scientific results will be shown in... read more
Project partners - 9 partner(s)


School Icon 5th Lyceum of Veria (VERIA, Greece)

Subjects: Astronomy, Chemistry, Natural Sciences, Physics

Languages: EL - DE - EN


Barbara Orkisz

School Icon Miejski Zespół Szkół Gimnazjum nr 1 (Czeladź, Poland)

Subjects: Foreign Languages

Languages: EN


Eleni Kostopoulou

School Icon 5th Lyceum of Veria (VERIA, Greece)

Subjects: Environmental Education, Foreign Languages, History

Languages: EL - EN


Ignacio Jiménez Calero

School Icon IES Carmen Burgos de Seguí (Alovera, Spain)

Subjects: Chemistry, Informatics / ICT, Mathematics / Geometry, Physics

Languages: EN - ES


Jean-Noël Pédeutour

School Icon Collège Tiraqueau (Fontenay-le-Comte, France)

Subjects: Astronomy, Chemistry, Informatics / ICT, Mathematics / Geometry, Physics

Languages: DE - EN - ES - FR


Malgorzata Pawlik-Podgorska

School Icon Miejski Zespół Szkół Gimnazjum nr 1 (Czeladź, Poland)

Subjects: Astronomy, Design and Technology, Natural Sciences, Physics

Languages: EN - PL


nazile celik

School Icon Rekabet Kurumu Cumhuriyet Fen Lisesi (Diyarbakır, Turkey)

Subjects: Biology, Chemistry, Design and Technology, Foreign Languages, Geography, Health Studies, Mathematics / Geometry, Natural Sciences, Technology

Languages: EN - TR



School Icon Evliya Çelebi Ortaokulu (Diyarbakır, Turkey)

Subjects: Biology, Chemistry, Drama, Natural Sciences, Physics, Primary School Subjects, Technology

Languages: EN


Tatjana Gulič

School Icon OŠ Preska (Medvode, Slovenia)

Subjects: Astronomy, Environmental Education, Informatics / ICT, Mathematics / Geometry, Natural Sciences, Physics

Languages: BS - EN - ES - HR - SL

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