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The Train of Favourites

Registered on 21.10.2010 - Closed on 28.11.2010

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Project details

The main aim is to make students share their ideas, experiences about their favourite things, different fields of life , for example, favourite free time activities, film, actors, food, festivals, sport.

  • Subjects: Cross Curricular, Foreign Languages, Informatics / ICT, Language and Literature, Music, Physical Education
  • Languages: EN
  • Pupil's age: 6 - 14
  • Tools to be used: Chat, e-mail, Forum, MP3, Other software (Powerpoint, video, pictures and drawings), Video conference, Virtual learning environment (communities, virtual classes, ...), Web publishing
  • Aims:
    The main aim is to make students share their ideas, experiences about their favourite things, different fields of life ,... read more
  • Work process:
    Stage 1 – students introduce themselves- they could prepare power point presentations, make short films about themselves , write few... read more
  • Expected results:
    Leaning Management system with all the communications and materials produced by the students. Better students level of english and get... read more
Project partners - 5 partner(s)

Afrodite Miltiadou

School Icon Νικολαΐδειο Γυμνάσιο - Nikolaideio Gymnasio (Paphos, Cyprus)

Subjects: Environmental Education, Foreign Languages, Geography, History, History of Culture, Informatics / ICT, Natural Sciences, Technology

Languages: EL - EN


Aliki Mapentzidou

School Icon Nea Artaki Junior High School (NEA ARTAKI, Greece)

Subjects: Art, Cross Curricular, Environmental Education, Foreign Languages, Informatics / ICT

Languages: EL - EN


Joao Fernandes

School Icon  Agrupamento de Escolas nº 1 de Beja ( Beja, Portugal)

Subjects: Citizenship, Environmental Education, Ethics, Foreign Languages, History, History of Culture, Informatics / ICT

Languages: DE - EN - ES - PT


Philippe COLAS

School Icon Collège J. Racine (SAINT BRIEUC, France)

Subjects: Environmental Education, Informatics / ICT

Languages: EN - FR


Renata Lapaj

School Icon Szkola Spoleczna (Kraśnik, Poland)

Subjects: Foreign Languages, Geography, History, Informatics / ICT

Languages: EN

Project diary
...of the school year.And the end of the train of favourites.It was a good idea, but not enough messages.I am...
Posted by Philippe COLAS
i have already uploaded some work about festivals but i'm still waiting to hear from you my dear friends
Posted by Afrodite Miltiadou