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Let's get to know ourselves and our cities

Registered on 25.06.2007 - Closed on 21.12.2007

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Students taking part in the project are working in groups in France, Spain, Romania and Greece, introducing themselves to the others, describing their family, the school environment and the educational system, discussing about their region and their city (architecture, houses within the sustainable development context, civilization, culture). They exchange ideas, suggestions, opinions, plans, designs, and images using IC tools. Students in their countries surf on the WWW and look for material concerning the above subjects. They make crossword puzzles, riddles and diagrams trying to communicate and explain their customs, their interests, their hobbies and whatever they think their future will be like. They study, comment and publish the thoughts and the opinions of their collaborators about studies at University or job via blogs, power-point presentations and web pages. Guidelines: • Who am I? • How it is my family and my house? • What is my school, the educational system, post compulsory education like? • What is my town like? (Architecture and environment) • Which are my interests, hobbies, ambitions (studies and job) • Entertainment, customs, life style. As an answer to the above themes • The students will exchange images, photos, videos and texts. They will express their existing situation and they will dream their future. • By working on the Internet and using ICT tools with the partners from other countries they will also realize the universal character of the Internet and its power.

  • Subjects: Cross Curricular, Environmental Education, Foreign Languages, Informatics / ICT, Social Studies / Sociology
  • Languages: EN
  • Pupil's age: 16 - 19
  • Tools to be used: Audio conference, Chat, e-mail, MP3, Other software (Powerpoint, video, pictures and drawings), Web publishing
  • Aims:
    a. To get a new view of the world around us b. To empower young people with tools, the knowledge and... read more
  • Work process:
  • Expected results: • Work plans, schedules and procedures • Blogs, Presentations and web pages • Pictures or videos from the work process
Project partners - 5 partner(s)


School Icon IES Baldiri Guilera (El Prat de Llobregat, Spain)

Subjects: Foreign Languages

Languages: EN - ES


Cati Romero

School Icon Centro de Estudios Joan Maragall (Badalona, Spain)

Subjects: Ethics, Foreign Languages, Language and Literature

Languages: ES - EN


Katerina FYSSAKI


Subjects: Art, Environmental Education, Informatics / ICT, Mathematics / Geometry

Languages: EL - EN



School Icon "Liviu Rebreanu" School, Mioveni Town, Arges County (Mioveni, Romania)

Subjects: Art, Biology, Chemistry, Citizenship, Economics, Environmental Education, Ethics, Foreign Languages, Geography, History, Informatics / ICT, Language and Literature, Mathematics / Geometry, Media Education, Music, Natural Sciences, Philosophy / Logic, Physical Education, Physics, Politics, Psychology, Religion, Social Studies / Sociology, Special Needs Education

Languages: EN - FR - RO



School Icon Lycée professionnel Jean Perrin (LONGJUMEAU, France)

Subjects: Chemistry, Environmental Education, Physics

Languages: EL - FR