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Traditions, culture, lifestyle, stereotypes

Registered on 31.10.2009 - Closed on 21.11.2010

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The students fulfil the project by making powerpoint presentation, taking photos, describing their own life experience, etc. Each school works upon the same task, e.i when theme 1 is "Young people in my country - their interests, hobbies, music etc", each school presents the subject in relation to the own country

  • Subjects: Art, Foreign Languages, History, Informatics / ICT
  • Languages: EN
  • Pupil's age: 16 - 19
  • Tools to be used: Chat, e-mail, Forum, Other software (Powerpoint, video, pictures and drawings)
  • Aims:
    - the usage of English language in the process of communication - the ability of using ITC - developement of ss... read more
  • Work process:
    There are 6 topics to fulfil: 1. getting to know each other, 2. general info about my country, 3. the... read more
  • Expected results:
    - young people have friends in different countries -they have opportunity to speak English - they use ITC -results of cooperation - presented... read more
Project partners - 4 partner(s)

Alina Talpalaru

School Icon Colegiul Ec,,A. Rugina " Vaslui (Vaslui, Romania)

Subjects: Art, Citizenship, Economics, Environmental Education, Ethics, Foreign Languages, Geography, History, Informatics / ICT, Language and Literature, Mathematics / Geometry, Media Education, Natural Sciences

Languages: EN - FR


Deborah Nicholson

School Icon Escuela Europea de Alicante (Alicante, Spain)

Subjects: Art, Ethics, European Studies, Foreign Languages, History, History of Culture, Language and Literature

Languages: ES - DE - EN - FR


Maurizia Mainardi

School Icon ITSE "R. Molari" (Santarcangelo di Romagna (RN), Italy)

Subjects: Art, Drama, Environmental Education, Foreign Languages, History, Language and Literature

Languages: DE - EN


Urszula Zyska

School Icon Liceum Ogólnokształcące im. Marii Konopnickiej (Świebodzice, Poland)

Subjects: Foreign Languages, History of Culture, Informatics / ICT, Music

Languages: EN

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