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eTwinning Projects - 3 projects

Hello, Kindergarten Teachers from Europa! (Closed on 21.02.2013)

Project Picture Let's say HELLO to the new school year! Let's say HELLO each other! We can work together, we can build together a future for our children! Early years are the most sensitiv and creative period of the life. Our work is important and responsibil...

“Saying goodbye to the school year by getting to know each other” (Closed on 03.07.2009)

Project Picture The idea of the project is at the end of the school year to build personal and professional contacts with colleagues from other European countries, thus attracting them as partners in the project during the 2009-2010 school year.The activities are di...

” Where do the raindrops disappear to” (Closed on 22.11.2009)

Project Picture This is an environmental project for pupils from a kindergarten. We will exchange information, pictures, photos, videos and presentations about water. We will discover water both in the open air and at home, its laws and wonders. We will do experimen...