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Thumb Elizabeth SUEL

Subjects: Economics

Languages: - EN - FR -

Thumb Laurence Altibelli

Subjects: Cross Curricular,European Studies,Foreign Languages,Informatics / ICT,Media Education

Languages: - EN - FR -

My goal is to find upper secondary European schools to work with eTwinning Twinspaces using its tools with students aged between 15 and 18 years old. My intention is not necessarily to have school exchanges every year. Besides I like working with different countries on the same Twinspace, so to have cross curricula projects.

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eTwinning Projects - 32 projects

A Day in the Life of Our School (Closed on 03.07.2009)

Project Picture This is a project involving the photography clubs at American College Arcus in Bulgaria and Lycee Jules Verne in France. On one particular day the members of the club will take pictures in the school describing a typical day.

A teachers' diary (Closed on 09.11.2010)

Project Picture Our aim as teachers is to teach knowledge, to inspire values, to help in developing personalities. Inside and outside the classrooms, we often face incidents, situations and behaviors beyond any expectation and many times without feeling capable of d...

Ambassadeurs IDF (Closed on 27.01.2016)

Project Picture TwinSpace de travail entre les CORAC et les ambassadeurs eTwinning d'Ile-de-France

BLA... BLA... BLA... (Closed on 08.09.2012)

Project Picture FR : Collaboration entre écoles européennes pendant des sessions de chat avec FlashMeeting. Entraîner les élèves à l'expression orale en situation authentique et conformément au Cadre européen commun de référence pour les langues (CECRL).
GB : Col...

Culture in a box: Austria & France (Closed on )

Project Picture We’ll use the eTwinning kit “Culture in a box”: students will gather information about their own country and send it to their partner school.

Entente cordiale (Closed on )

Project Picture Un échange par mails sera mis en place au préalable afin que les élèves apprennent à se connaître. Des projets divers verront le jour en fonction des affinités entre les élèves.

Espace collaboratif - Ambassadeurs France (Started on 03.06.2013)

Project Picture Ceci est l'espace de travail collaboratif des ambassadeurs eTwinning français.

eTwinning Chat (Closed on 03.09.2012)

Project Picture GB: To have a TwinSpace for our Sunday evening eTwinning chats for teachers and administrative staff. To train teachers.
FR: Afin d'avoir un Espace virtuel pour nos chats eTwinning du dimanche soir pour professeurs et personnel administratif. Po...

eTwinning France (Started on 22.09.2014)

Project Picture Twinspace pour la communauté eTwinning français - ambassadeurs, correspondants académiques et le bureau national. Un espace de mutualisation de ressources.

eTwinning Plus Seminar in Baku (Started on 17.11.2014)

Project Picture Twinspace for seminar's participants. 21st – 23rd November, 2014

EU Games (Started on 29.01.2016)

Project Picture By learning about the partners's countries and culture in the fields of art, geography, history, sciences, sports, literature, music, foreign languages, traditions and economics in English and French, the French, Polish, Romanian, Turkish and Spanish...

EU Youth Film Reviews (Started on 23.10.2014)

Project Picture This project aims at discovering the cultures of the partners through watching films in original version subtitled either in English or French. Our pupils exchange either in English or French in the forum in order to practise these two foreign langua...

EuroPen (Closed on )

Project Picture As you probably heard, Croatia is joining the EU in July 2013. So, we would like you to get involved into our small project that will bring students closer to the EU members as it will build bridges between your country and Croatia. Our goal is to...

FR: PUBS / GB: ADS (Closed on 26.05.2009)

Project Picture The main thread of our eTwinning project is ads and commercials, their power on teenagers and on today’s society.

HALL OF MIRRORS (Closed on 11.07.2009)

Project Picture "Hall of Mirrors" is the attraction found at a fairground which distort appearances and is the title of our Comenius project. We use the eTwinning Twinspace to communicate with each other, download documents, present photos, clips etc of what we are ...

Langue et Culture de France en Ombrie, en Italie et en Europe! (Closed on 03.09.2012)

Project Picture Ce projet eTwinning nait de la proposition de Mme Christine Bisson – Alliance Française de Foligno - à la suite du Séminaire d'études « FARE IL CLIL IN FRANCESE » - Giornate di formazione per docenti di DNL en collaboration con l’Ufficio Scolastico ...

Lip-dubbing short films (Closed on 10.07.2014)

Project Picture French students work together to film movie scenes. Polish students do the same. Both French and Polish students send the ready-made videos to the other side with muted dialogues (preserving the sound version for future use)
. Each side lip-dubs the ...

Lycée Jules Verne & Wellington School (Closed on 01.10.2006)

Project Picture pupils to use lesson time to discuss agreed topic

Lycée Jules Verne, Limours-en-Hurepoix (FR) & Vladislav Grammatik, Sofia (BG) (Closed on )

Project Picture Activités pédagogiques sur le thème de la protection de la nature et de l'eau. Échanges avec hébergement en familles entre nos 2 écoles.

Magic but real experiments (Closed on 15.10.2011)

Project Picture Teach and evaluate Physics and Chemistry through easy experiments developed by pupils during the academic course.

Music is always popular! (Closed on 12.12.2009)

Project Picture The project is about the most popular music in European countries.

My life, leisure and sport (Closed on 15.01.2007)

Project Picture Students will communicate their ideas concerning all aspects of their life, primarily their free time activities and sport, in English using the Internet. They will compare their views and broaden their knowledge of English.

OUR TOWN – OUR LIFE (Closed on 13.12.2009)

Project Picture The aim of this project is to promote active ways of spending free time by students and to show how interesting our towns and regions are in the area of their geography, history, culture and regional education presented with "works of art" like photo...

PARTNER FINDING FAIR - October 2012 (Closed on 28.03.2013)

Project Picture This is a special event during eTwinning for teachers of pupils aged 11 - 19 to find partners during eTwinning Weeks.

Sports-minded Europeans (Closed on )

Project Picture Sport is an essential part of the lives of millions of Europeans citizens. It has a distinctive role to play as a force for social integration, tolerance and understanding. It is open to all, regardless of age, language, religion, culture, or ability...

Séminaire de contact Versailles / Contact Seminar in Versailles (Closed on 12.09.2013)

Project Picture Espace de travail pour les participants de ce séminaire, du 22 au 24 février 2013.

Séminaire eTwinning : Personnels de direction (Closed on )

Project Picture Espace de mutualisation pour les participants au séminaire persdir en France, mars-avril 2014.

Tam-Tam (Closed on 13.07.2013)

Project Picture FR : Collaboration entre écoles européennes pendant des sessions de chat avec FlashMeeting et avec des enregistrements audio. Entraîner les élèves à l'expression orale en situation authentique et conformément au Cadre européen commun de référence pou...

Unser eTwinning-Projekt | Our eTwinning project (Started on 25.09.2012)

Project Picture Mit diesem Projekt wollen wir Europa erkunden! Let's explore Europe!

Virtual English Class 2011-2012 (Closed on )

Project Picture Topics such as globalization, literature and the European Union are to be discussed by the students in relation with our respective English classes.

Waves (Closed on 18.12.2012)

Project Picture This Comenius and eTwinning project investigates the impact of outward and inward migration of peoples on the partner countries. It starts with a historical overview of emigration and outward movement and then researches the reasons why people leave...

Young people in Europe (Closed on 30.06.2012)

Project Picture • Getting to know each other, students presenting themselves and their schools • Young people (likes, dislikes, hobbies, music, films, school systems/education, their heroes, our stereotypes,...) • Room for individual contributions by each class