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Subjects: Foreign Languages,Informatics / ICT,Language and Literature,Pre-school Subjects,Primary School Subjects

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eTwinning Projects - 28 projects

" Let me grow - developing imagination, responsibility, respect and community" (Closed on 02.03.2014)

Project Picture Using an apple as our theme we want to show children how they can become responsible citizens of Europe and the wider world. We aim to develop positive attitudes and respect towards people from other cultures and the world. Bulgarian, English, Germa...

"Let's Go!" Language (Closed on 28.10.2009)

Project Picture This project uses ICT to record children speaking phrases in their own language to share with children from other countries. A website will be created to view video clips and listen to audio clips made by the children. In short, the children will hel...

Assessment according to the European Framework (Closed on 16.09.2009)

Project Picture Common work on how to assess the five skills of the Framework...The different types of assessments, the building of skills and of strategies and their corresponding quiz handouts.

Behind the music (Closed on 06.12.2013)

Project Picture The idea of this project is that there's always a story, an idea, an event, a political or cultural context "Behind the music" (song or classical music piece). Therefore, we'd like partners to make a list of songs or classical music pieces that cou...

Can I ask you a question? (Closed on 21.11.2011)

Project Picture The main aim of the Project is: to get in contact and to know other children from abroad (and perhaps, to make them realize that children from different countries think alike –except for some cultural differences ¿?).

colours at school (Closed on )

Project Picture We want to exchange pictures of art work of children from the different seasons during a year. These pictures will be added to a central European display at school. During a year the map will grow and become a nice European corner with art exhibi...

Digital Fairytales: Jack and the Beanstalk (Closed on 11.07.2013)

Project Picture We are planning to make Jack and the beanstalk fairy tale a digital story. Pupils learn about Jack and his family conditions, grow beans, visit the castle up in the sky and make magic ... . They draw pictures, scan them, record audio files in th...

Discovering oceans (Closed on 26.08.2015)

Project Picture To create a Sea Atlas using PowerPoint by drawing pictures and writing short descriptions about the different sea animals both from my local area and my partners' local areas.

EATwinning: a taste of Europe (Closed on 19.09.2011)

Project Picture Pupils exchange info about themselves, their countries and their habits. They will discuss and compare eating habits and they will reflect on the consequences of their choices

EXCHANGING MYTHS AND LEGENDS (Started on 28.11.2014)

Project Picture Students will research about the two countries' myths and legends. Students from both countries will prepare a summary on their mythology and share it with the other. Then after practising each other's historical and mythological characters, they wil...

fairy tale (Closed on 17.02.2009)

Project Picture FIinding a fairy tale, reading it in class in our native languange, drawing pictures, dramatizing the story, taking photos or/and filming it and sharing the material that we will produce

Learn something new! Learn something cool! (Started on 30.03.2016)

Project Picture In Sweden we work with something we call “Grej” Of The Day (GOTD). It is series of regular mini-lessons that consist of clues, fact based sections and curious facts. It's a concept with micro lessons, only 8-10 minutes, a fairytale of facts, to ...

LET ME GROW (Closed on 14.04.2015)

Project Picture " Let me grow - developing imagination, responsibility, respect and community" is a Comenius and eTwinning project. Using apple tree as theme we want to show children how they can grow from their family and community roots to become responsible ci...

Lights, Camera, Action (Closed on 11.07.2013)

Project Picture A short project running over the Summer term. Beginning with a cinema day as a hook for children which involves some creative work relating to this. Then leading onto using film as a stimulus for learning across the curriculum. In addition to this...

LOOK AROUND (Closed on 11.07.2013)

Project Picture In this project pupils will investigate their local environment and share the information with project partners. They will observe and learn about different living and non-living objects spotted around. They will look around their classrooms, schools...

My first ICT Hello (Closed on 04.11.2013)

Project Picture This project is about very young pupils who are beginning to learn English while making their first steps in ICT. With very simple and short posts and videos they present themselves and their school while they come in contact with pupils from other s...

My school through time (Closed on 02.07.2009)

Project Picture Students collect information and draw the past the present and the future of their school in combination with local community history

My World of Play (Closed on 05.02.2015)

Project Picture Our Project is amongst preschool & foundation stage pupils - they will explore their world of play, comparing similarities & differences in their school day, playgrounds, favourite toys etc. The teachers involved in the project will compare teachin...

Preparing the Environment (Closed on 24.07.2012)

Project Picture This Partnership will be the pre-paration to a second partnership. By this we will comunicate and prepare the future Comenius Project about environment.


Project Picture Art Activity is a very important part of child education. Mainly it is being in nurseries and schools. Teachers have given the brief of arranging interesting and attractive exercises for children. This project has conformed the requirements of art ed...

SIERPINSKI CARPET PROJECT (Closed on 27.08.2016)

Project Picture The Sierpinski Carpet Project is a nonprofit, collective and joint activity among children, from 3 to 16 (extended to to 99 years old), around the world. We want to build a giant geometric fractal, known as Sierpinski Carpet, with coloured squared ...

Tales in Kindergarten (Closed on 01.09.2008)

Project Picture Diferentes aulas de educación pre-escolar interecambian cuentos populares y canciones en inglés y castellano para darle un sentido real al aprendizaje de la lengua estrangera.

Tales in Kindergarten II (Closed on )

Project Picture Some schools share on-line tales and songs in english. This way the pupils will know that english let us comunicate to other people from europe.

Ten Months Together (Closed on 14.03.2011)

Project Picture A project that looks at how each country works during the school year.
The project will focus mainly on the seasons as this theme provides rich and varied activities that are undertaken at certain times of the school year. The children and teac...

The European Chain Reaction (Closed on 08.09.2011)

Project Picture The European Chain Reaction is a science/art project for primary schools wishing to create, film and upload a "Rube Goldberg / Robert Storm Petersen-like" chain reaction. This project is also a competition! The school which uploads the most astonishi...

The European Chain Reaction 2012 (Closed on )

Project Picture The European Chain Reaction is a science/art project for primary schools wishing to create, film and upload a "Rube Goldberg / Robert Storm Petersen-like" chain reaction. This project is also a competition! The school which uploads the most astonishi...

We Explore, We Create, We Evaluate...We Are Digikids (Closed on 20.11.2014)

Project Picture This project involves the practice of digital literacy in the primary classroom through various subject teaching.

WHAT ABOUT YOU (Closed on 14.11.2011)

Project Picture The aim of this project is to settle a platform for communication. With this project students will be in contact with teenagers from a faraway country and the only way to talk to them is through English. It's going to be a real twin project as both s...