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eTwinning Projects - 7 projects

CHRISTMAS CARD EXCHANGE (Closed on 21.04.2009)

Project Picture Exchange of Christmas cards with countries around Europe. Photograph cards received and display in twinspace area.

European Spring Festival (Closed on 10.04.2010)

Project Picture The teacher and students from European schools will work in a virtual environment having a common theme:European Spring Festival. The participants will upload music, video clips ( movies), PPT documents and pictures on eTwinning twinspace and on a co...

Magic but real experiments (Closed on 15.10.2011)

Project Picture Teach and evaluate Physics and Chemistry through easy experiments developed by pupils during the academic course.

Music of the World for all Children (Closed on 13.01.2009)

Project Picture The purpose of this project is, to make steps, to find ways and methods for making an intercultural dialogue, and to accept diversity in all views (rase, ethnicity, religion, language, habbits etc.) mainly through music.

My parents are the best (Closed on 04.10.2008)

Project Picture Pupils will write about their parents stories and poems; will draw pictures; will take photos; will make interviews. We will invite parents to shool to talk about their childhood, schooltime, marriage, ... and parents will teach to do something (cook...

our towns in the Middle Ages new project,history, music, food traditions (Closed on 13.02.2012)

Project Picture Life in our towns in the Middle Ages is the main subject of our work, we want to look at it from all sides, like: history, clothing, food, music, traditions, markets, law, building houses, churches, medicine...

Võluuba - Magic bean (Closed on 25.03.2008)

Project Picture Students grow bean and some other plants from seeds and observe the plant life. Students care for the plants and learn what plants need to grow. They take photos or make drawings about plants growth process, record changes in height over time and...