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Thumb aleksandra spendel

Subjects: Pre-school Subjects

Languages: - EN - PL -

europejska wspolpraca szkól

Thumb Barbara Kudela

Subjects: Art,Foreign Languages,Geography,History,Language and Literature,Music

Languages: - EN -

we would like to exchange information about tales, legends and myths connected with our towns, regions and countries.

Thumb Beata Skrzypiec

Subjects: Art,Health Studies,Informatics / ICT,Mathematics / Geometry,Natural Sciences,Physical Education,Primary School Subjects,Technology

Languages: - EN -

I am a teacher in a primary school. I am a teacher of the third class. Activities that I carry out in my wonderful class documenting the blog: http://klasowypamietniczek.blogspot.com/ My teachers blog http://nauczanka.blogspot.com/ Interested in topics such as: actions to promote health in schools modern technologies in teaching younger children artistic design such as Andersen's Fairy Tales closer tradition

Thumb Karolina Zioło

Subjects: Design and Technology,Informatics / ICT,Primary School Subjects,Psychology,Technology

Languages: - PL -

Jestem nauczycielką informatyki i techniki w szkole podstawowej. Pracuję także w bibliotece szkolnej. Pracowałam także na uczelni oraz w liceum.

Thumb Patrycja Zembala

Subjects: Foreign Languages,Media Education,Music,Primary School Subjects

Languages: - EN - PL -

I am an English teacher at a primary school. My students are 6 to 8 years old. I give also private tuition to primary, middle and secondary school students and teach in a private language school. I am interested in teaching young learners. but I don't have a specified project in mind. I am willing to try new undertakings.

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eTwinning Projects - 9 projects

24 zadania na czas oczekiwania II (Started on 01.11.2015)

Project Picture Projekt zakłada utworzenie interaktywnego kalendarza adwentowego. Celem projektu jest stworzenie gier, łamigłówek i rozrywek umysłowych na 24 dni grudnia o tematyce świąt Bożego Narodzenia. Dzieci będą doskonalić umiejętności matematyczne, językowe...

24 zadania na czas oczekiwania. (Closed on 19.04.2015)

Project Picture Celem projektu jest stworzenie interaktywnych gier, łamigłówek i rozrywek umysłowych na 24 adwentowe dni o tematyce świąt Bożego Narodzenia. Dzieci będą doskonalić umiejętności matematyczne, językowe, plastyczne...oraz poznają narzędzia TIK do wykona...

culture box (Closed on 23.06.2012)

Project Picture Students will start by preparing short powerpoint presentations or letters (word/pdf file format) and introduce themselves (where they live, their hobbies, etc.). Afterwards, they will introduce their schools. Then, they will keep on writing and disc...

Exchanging Letters (Closed on 08.04.2015)

Project Picture Exchange letters project

Knowing each other (Closed on 29.07.2014)

Project Picture Each month has a different topic and different material .Studens will prepare videos ,powerpoint shows ,letters ,drama plays etc to know each other and improve their English besides they will have a desire to learn.

My Favourite Animal (Closed on 05.03.2015)

Project Picture The project is about the students' favourite animal. Students will present their favourite animal through different forms and activities.

MY NATURE SCHOOL (Closed on 10.03.2015)

Project Picture Nature is a thing that refreshes and changes itself continuously which includes living and non-living entities within. Humane factors are not effective. There are numerious natural and beautiful things in the world. We can see and protect ...

Social Life-Celebrations and Traditions (Closed on 13.11.2007)

Project Picture Students are to get to know about social life in our partners’ countries. In addition, they are going to learn how people celebrate on certain occasions. Οι μαθητές θα γνωρίσουν την κοινωνική ζωή στις χώρες των άλλων μελών του προγράμματος. Επιπλ...

When Spring comes (Closed on 08.01.2013)

Project Picture As everbody knows after a heavy winter season , Spring makes some changings in our personal life , school life and nature . The pupils will share their feelings about Spring time by writing some paragraphs ( or poems ), drawing some pictures, singin...