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Teaching Media Literacy and fighting Disinformation with eTwinning

“I believe that in times like these, when digital technology is becoming more important and we have discussions about fake news in social media and beyond, it is more important than ever to work on such a topic.”

Mariya Gabriel, Commissioner for Innovation, Research, Culture, Education and Youth

The 2021 annual theme for eTwinning is Media Literacy and Disinformation. The aim of the eTwinning Book is therefore to inspire and support teachers and pupils in all age groups by exploring the multiple aspects of this topic, illustrating examples of eTwinning projects and offering resources and activities.

Chapter 1: Gives the European viewpoint, providing information on why the theme of Media Literacy has been chosen, what is the impact on the educational community and how it has been channelled through eTwinning.
Chapter 2:  Some friends of eTwinning explain the concept of disinformation, through current and historical lenses, and explore the power of algorithms in the creation of news.
Chapter 3:  Looks at how young people engage with the media, where they consume the news and how they analyse information with the cooperation of the Better Internet for Kids initiative.
Chapter 4: Showcases outstanding eTwinning projects on Media Literacy and Disinformation, implemented for all age groups including Early Childhood Education & Care and Vocational Education and Training.
Chapter 5 and 6: Gives examples of tools and resources, as well as of classroom activities for developing media literacy.

What is media literacy and what is disinformation? Why is it so important right now? How recent is disinformation? How does eTwinning contribute to media literacy? How can I enrich my teaching practice with regard to media literacy? If you would like to find some answers to such questions, then you should download the eTwinning BookTeaching Media Literacy and fighting Disinformation with eTwinning”.

Get inspired and make a difference by preparing media literate pupils for the (dis-)information world!