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Staying Home with eTwinning - Staying Home Together

During school closures, eTwinners have proven to be very resilient and sociable – by creating international projects to keep their students and themselves connected with the world.

According to the ancient Greek philosopher Aristotle, “Man is by nature a social animal”. eTwinning has been providing a platform to teachers for 15 years - encouraging them to create international networks and learn from each other.

Marina Zacharia is from Ossa, a small village 40km away from Thessaloniki, Greece. Although the school itself is isolated and far from other schools, it is well connected through eTwinning. During these times of social distancing, Marina used eTwinning to open up opportunities for her students, whilst they are at home, to enable them to connect with students from Germany and Romania.

Our project «ΜΕΝΟΥΜΕ ΣΠΙΤΙ ΜΑΖΙ» (STAYING HOME TOGETHER) involves thousands of students from Greece, Germany and Romania. A week after the project had been approved, 221 schools joined our project.

From the first day of school closures, hundreds of kindergarten teachers in Greece were looking for ways to support and communicate with their students. Our group of 12 eTwinning partners had the idea to use eTwinning to support this. It sounded like the best option for us as TwinSpace is a safe platform. A lot of people were supportive of this idea and now more than 300 teachers have joined our project.

We have chosen to include fun and interactive educational activities in our project, with no need of special craft materials, to allow for everyone to be able to participate from home. Every week, the students receive two missions from their teachers such as; arranging a night to camp in their living room, taking photos of specific objects in their house, building towers from toilet paper, creating experiments and recording messages with support and well-wishes etc. With the help of their parents and teachers, our students upload their pictures and recordings on TwinSpace. All these products are combined into videos, eBooks, Padlets etc and are then sent to the students for feedback and as a reward.

In addition, we have designed our project’s website which includes all of the products and a lot of educational games and presentations which are fun for the students to use to practice.

Watch the video below where the students present their ways of how to spend good, quality time at home.

In addition to this, we have found multiple ways of doing homework online:

  • Using Draw.Chat, we can draw and talk with our students.
  • We use Padlet, which is an easy tool for parents to use and upload their photos and videos.
  • We create presentations and games using Genially and Kahoot.
  • Children can film how they spend their time at home and create a collaborative video clip.
  • We challenge students to take photos of objects at home starting with a specific letter and design an online digital dictionary with them.
  • We organise Easter food contests where parents and children cook traditional sweets.

Staying home might be difficult, but we are not alone in this! eTwinners have shown us that even when they are locked inside, their creativity connects them with the whole world.