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Online Conference for eTwinning Schools – Shared Leadership: towards an eTwinning School approach

For a shared leadership approach to be beneficial to a school, most importantly it requires a clear vision of the school’s mission statement that considers the whole school environment.

The goal of the Conference for eTwinning Schools was to identify, highlight, feature, recognise and promote the elements which characterise eTwinning Schools, as presented in the eTwinning Schools Mission.

During this conference, participating schools deepened their knowledge on the concept and practice of the Shared Leadership approach as a factor that enables schools to engage in innovative practices.

Throughout 3 busy days, full of plenaries and workshop sessions, 230 schools’ leaders and teachers were taught how to feature and further reflect on the pedagogical, organisational, communication and promotional elements of the eTwinning School, and deepened their understanding of the concept and practices of the Shared Leadership approach and why it plays a key role in school innovation.

During sessions of five workshops delivered by various experts, participants were presented with tools and methods to implement a model of leadership that will enhance the talents and capacities of all players in their schools, namely teachers, students, parents, and the extended community.

Also, participants were provided with ideas and practical activities that will help them improve the other important elements of the eTwinning School Mission: collaboration, students agency, inclusion, etc.

Finally, the participants were encouraged once they return to their school to involve the school staff and draft an action plan to identify their goals and recognise the areas which need to be developed further.

In the video below you can see the first plenary session of the conference opened by Cecile Le Clercq, European Commission, followed by two inspiring keynote speeches by Irene Pateraki, Central Support Service of eTwinning, and Kay Livingston, Professor of Educational Research Policy and Practice, University of Glasgow.