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News from eTwinning Plus - Georgia and Lebanon

In 2012, eTwinning Plus was established to provide a platform to create a connection between existing eTwinning schools and Europe’s nearby neighbouring countries.

eTwinning Plus was established to provide a platform for staff (teachers, head teachers, librarians, etc.), working in a school in one of the neighbouring countries involved (Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Jordan, Lebanon, Moldova, Tunisia, Ukraine), to communicate, collaborate, develop projects and to be part of an extended eTwinning learning community.

So far, the eTwinning Plus countries total count is 3973 schools and 9464 teachers.

“It is a plus because it was an addition to what we already had in eTwinning but it is also a plus in the sense that everyone benefited from having these countries involved” states Michael Teutsch, Head of Unit “Schools and Multilingualism”, DG Education and Culture, highlighting the added value that those countries give to eTwinning.

The video below focuses on the experiences of Nino Tamarashvili, a Georgian teacher, and Ahmad Al Sidani, ICT coordinator of the Partner Support Agency of eTwinning in Lebanon.

Georgia joined eTwinning Plus in 2013 and since then, the progress and the changes eTwinning teachers have experienced is priceless. Nino explains that her teaching methods have become more democratic and that her improved practices have also helped to better the attitude of her students towards learning.

Lebanon, on the other hand, joined eTwinning Plus only last year. The programme is still in its beginning but as Ahmad Al Sidani reported, teachers and students are not only super excited about their participation through which they are learning but also by their sharing a lot with their partners from all over Europe and beyond.

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