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“Move2Learn - Learn2Move” eTwinning moments from Lithuania and Portugal

The “Move2Learn, Learn2Move” initiative connects students from all over Europe.

Last year two classes - both called 10A - from Kuršėnai, Lithuania, and Oliveira de Azeméis, Portugal, took part in the eTwinning project “Stop This Charming Christmas Moment”, which received a European Quality label and later won them the opportunity to meet each other through the Move2Learn - Learn2Move initiative.

At the end of February, the students from Lithuania visited their project partners in Portugal and at the end of March, the Portuguese students went to Lithuania. These young people got to know their partner schools, explored everyday life of the local communities and got acquainted with the cultures of each other's countries. As all the project participants in both countries stayed with local families, the communities of both towns also got involved in the project.

According to the rules of the initiative Move2Learn - Learn2Move, the students and accompanying teachers received only train and plane tickets to travel so they had to find money to cover all the other expenses. Portuguese and Lithuanian students organised different fund raising activities to better prepare for their partner’s visit and this taught them a lot about money management, saving and efficient travelling as well.

lithuania - portugal


“These were the two best weeks in my life. I had no idea that you can become such close friends in such a short time and that young people from two distant European countries are so similar not by their looks but by character.”
Aurimas, Lithuania

“I was really surprised by the sincere Portuguese reaction to the falling snow – they started playing with it, dancing, taking photos, tasting it and couldn’t take their eyes of it.”
Monika, Lithuania

“This has been one of the most impressive and amazing events in my life. Interaction with Portuguese greatly contributed to the growth of my personality and I want to thank eTwinning, our wonderful teachers and all project friends for making this project so unforgettable and meaningful!”
Meda, Lithuania

lithuania - portugal

“We all had the same main goal, and worked very hard (but always with love and a big smile) to achieve it. The relationships we gained and the memorable experiences we had turned this project into the trip of our lives. Despite all the ups and downs, we always managed to, not only, have a great time with the hosting families and the people involved in this eTwinning opportunity, but also survive the cold weather! Snow was one of the best parts of the trip, as mostly none of us had ever seen it in Portugal. We have to say that we loved their culture and Lithuanian people are really welcoming and interested in making the others feel comfortable in fitting into their society.”
Students of Soares Basto – Agrupamento de Escolas