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Integrating migrants and refugees at School

What are the most effective ways to welcome migrants and refugees into their new school environment?

Ever since the war in Ukraine started back on 20 February, hundreds of thousands of Ukrainians have been fleeing their homeland and seeking asylum in other European countries. Around 90% of the estimated 3.5 million refugees are women and children. Along with shelter, these children need access to education to fulfil their fundamental right to education.

As a part of the actions taken by the eTwinning community to offer support to teachers and students, the Featured Group on “Integrating migrants and refugees at school” extended its focus to also reinforce teachers who are supporting refugees.  The group aims to support teachers all over Europe who are facing the challenge of ensuring these children’s right to education and training and to provide them with a sense of normality, and try to alleviate the trauma of war and displacement.

What can be done at classroom level? What are the most effective ways to welcome these pupils into their new school environment?

The group offers and shares educational resources and activities for refugees and their teachers within its new section, NEW ANGLE: Teachers hosting refugees. The section includes social and emotional intelligence activities specifically addressed to cultivate empathy towards refugees and to help Ukrainian students emotionally deal with the difficult situations they are going through. It also provides tips, techniques, and guidelines to help develop teacher’s awareness, confidence, and skills in learning about refugee issues and to support and welcome refugee and migrant children to mainstream classrooms from a social and emotional perspective. Among various materials, teachers can also find articles and resources to support the integration of refugee pupils into EU school systems.

eTwinning is a community that comes together in these moments of danger. Let’s express our solidarity with our Ukrainian colleagues and friends. Together we are stronger.