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Initial Vocational Education and Training in eTwinning

During the recent years eTwinning has increased the recognition of the work of initial vocational education and training schools (IVET) across Europe.

eTwinning offers everything a vocational teacher would need: from the opportunity to exchange and learn with peers from all over Europe to continuous professional development activities. eTwinning is excellent for teachers to address vocational subjects due to the pedagogical methodologies promoted, such as project-based and inquiry-based learning. 

Various activities were developed in 2020 to engage vocation and training educators.
In particular: 

  • A featured group named Global Community of Practice” was launched in April 2020 for VET teachers to share projects and examples of good practice, and to collaborate together on activities such as online events.
  • The 3-day online conference with the theme VET Schools and eTwinning: the role of eTwinning in preparing students for the future launched a completely new era of eTwinning’s action in the area of VET education. 183 teachers, members of eTwinning support services and experts took part in various workshops on topics such as: Developing Success Skills with Student Agency; VET for Social Inclusion & Labour Market Integration; Early school leaving in VET schools; and Skills for the future – the 21st century in the classroom.

More details:

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  • Two Learning Events were organised and involved over 250 VET teachers.
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  • The eTwinning KitRobo-code”, based on a 2020 prize-winning project, aims at making the most out of the Vocational School curriculum and familiarising young pupils with robots and programming applications through hands-on activities.

eTwinning will continue to focus on VET teachers also in 2021 with the work of a dedicated taskforce involving the Support Services and the creation of materials and activities dedicated to this target group.

Watch the following video to learn more about VET in eTwinning: